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Purchasing and Downloading e-Books

PM Press is pleased to offer many of our "print" titles in e-Book formats.

There are various formats that different e-Book readers and computer systems support. You don't have to have an eBook reader device like a Nook, Kindle, or iPad to view digital content. Software is available for Windows, Mac, and Unix/Linux computers to read e-Books in most the formats available from book publishers like PM Press.

Depending on the title, we have one or more of the following formats available:

  • PDF - This is the most common digital format for e-Books, created by Adobe Systems for their Acrobat reader. e-Book readers from Barnes & Noble (Nook), Sony (Reader) and Amazon (Kindle) can read this format natively, BUT, since most PDFs are created to match page size of the print version of a title, the smaller reader screens may not provide the best reading experience. PDF files can be converted to other formats more suitable for these readers.
  • MOBI / PRC - This is a standard developed by a company in France for all PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and is one of the native formats supported by the Amazon Kindle. 
  • ePUB - This is based on an open standard and is one of the native formats readable by the Sony reader. The Nook and Apple's new IPad can also open ePUB files. 

The benefit to ePUB and MOBI/PRC formats is that the page layout, text and images of the book are scaled appropriately for the size of the reader device, whereas PDF tries to maintain the original layout, which can make the content hard to read.

For your convenience, here are links to support pages for three e-Book readers in case you need to figure out what file formats they require, or how to convert files so that they work with your reader:

Click here to visit our e-Book section and look through all the titles we have in e-Book format. To purchase one, simply add it to your cart and when you are ready, complete your purchase. During checkout, we recommend that you create a user ID and password which you will be able to use to log in and download your e-Books. (If you don't create a user ID and password, the store will create a set for you.)

Once you have completed payment, you will receive an e-Mail message welcoming you to the PM Press store and reminding you of your user ID.

If you've forgotten or don't know your password (because we created it for you), please click here to visit our support page.

If you can not resolve problems with your user ID or password, please click here to contact us and we'll get you the information you need ASAP.

Once you have your login ID and password, return to the PM Press store (click here) log into the site through the box on the left side of your screen.

Next, click the My Account button on the top right navigation bar.


Finally, click "Downloads" and you will see a list of files you can download to your computer. For each title, there will be one or more file types available. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your reader. We may not have all formats for all titles so you may need to use a converter to read the file that we have available on your reader. In the coming weeks and months we will be working hard to make as many common file types available as possible.


If you need assistance, please contact us.



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1. Phat: I'm feeling flush this month and want to donate to a good cause.

2. Development: I want to donate money towards publishing more CDs at PM etc.

3. Gift: I am donating because I want to send a book to a prisoner or a soldier in Iraq.

4. Volunteer: I am an ace copy editor and want to straight your text out

5. Infrastructure: I have a van I want to donate towards your mobile retail operations.

6. Become a Reviewer: If you want a review copy, you can get it at 50% discount. When you send us a link or paper copy of a review, we'll give you a one dollar discount towards future purchases.

7. Become a Reseller: Help spread the word and make some money. We'll give you a discount. Table at your local church etc. Attending the World Social Forum? Take some books.

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PM Press Team Work

Team - These are the stories that need to exist before we can build the home page and inside pages.

I recommend that for now we NOT have a separate news page but make the home page the news page. That will save us some work and give us more flexibility.


Home Page Main News Story:

Featured Home Page News Stories 1, 2 and 3

The design calls for three more stories "More In News" Let's shoot for just one!

The design calls for More in Text, More in Audio, More in Blogs (we'll pull those stories from those areas so we don't need to write them specifically for the home page).

We need content/editing for the following stories linked to from the main navigation bars:
Contact Us
About Us



Featured Story

Three Column Main Stories in Text Area:
Geek Mafia Mile Zero (already done and could be used)
Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist (already done and could be used)
Need a story here

The design calls for three more stories under the heading Books, three stories under Digital, three stories under pamphlets, and three more under pamphlets. I recommend we drop two of the sub-headings and just have "Books" and "Pamphlets" for now.


Audio landing page main featured story (top of page)
(English Rebel Songs - Story already exists)

Lead stories for the three columns in the center of the landing page:
Audio top story 1 of 3
Audio top story 2 of 3
Audio top story 3 of 3

The design next calls for CD Releases, Digital, Download and Download. I recommend that for right now we eliminate the bottom two and just do CD Releases and Digital stories/links.


Feature Video Story (top of Video landing page)
Video Top Story 1
Video Top Story 2
Video Top Story 3

The design calls for DVD Releases, Digital, Download and Download. I recommend we just have DVD Releases and Digital. DVD releases and Digital need at least one story each.
DVD Releases




Feature Blog - How about we use this one that Andrea and Daniel Gross wrote? It needs at least one big image at the top.


Three columns of top blogs needed:
Is the Iraq War Illegal? (this one needs an image at top)
Solidarity (this one needs an image at top)
History from the Bottom Up

MORE BY......

We need the names/locations of bloggers from whom we can pull blogs via RSS.

Different Ways to Add Media

This story provides various examples of ways to add media.
read more


Quick Access to:



New Releases

Featured Releases

Anarchist Education and the Modern School: A Francisco Ferrer Reader

A Declaration of the Rights of Human Beings: On the Sovereignty of Life as Surpassing the Rights of Man, Second Edition