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Check out Paul Buhle talking about James Connolly on Rag Radio and Law & Disorder


"Historian Paul Buhle, a leading figure on the American Left since the 1960s who now produces radical comics, was our guest on Rag Radio, Friday, May 8. Buhle is the editor of A Full Life: James Connolly the Irish Rebel, subtitled, “A graphic remembrance 100 years after his cruel murder during the Easter Rising.” Paul also wrote an afterward to the comic which we are publishing below, along with Paul’s Truthout op-ed, “The Irish socialist who organized an uprising.”

On Rag Radio, Paul joined Thorne Dreyer in a discussion of the life of James Connolly, his role in the fight for Irish independence and in the historic Easter Rising rebellion, and his death before a British firing squad. We also talk about Connolly’s time in the United States where he organized for the IWW. And we discuss the history and historical significance of radical comics and graphic histories and the fundamental role in their development played by Austin-based comix artists Gilbert Shelton, who pioneered much of his work in The Rag, and Jack Jackson (Jaxon)." —Rag Radio

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Listen: Law & Disorder
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Sipping Tea with Silvia Federici


"Silvia Federici has often cited Mariarosa Dalla Costa’s article “Women and the Subversion of the Community” as the text that instigated the development of her historical and theoretical positions on capitalism, exploitation, and reproduction. “I was already coming from a Left background, but reading Mariarosa Dalla Costa’s article made me understand what feminism meant in terms of class politics. All kinds of things began to fall into place, I began to see new constructions.” It’s easy to see the influence of Dalla Costa in her work: the text describes the centrality of reproductive labor to capitalism – from unwaged housework and the role the education system plays in reproducing society. She emphasized the housewife’s isolation and dependence on men as core mechanisms by which capitalism is maintained, and put forth the still controversial position that the home is a central place of struggle: “The role of housewife, behind whose isolation is hidden social labour, must be destroyed.”..."—Hanna Hurr, Mask Magazine

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Publisher Spotlight: PM Press on IPG


IPG: What differentiates PM Press from other publishers?

Craig O’Hara: To the public, it’s probably the wide range of events that we do to reach new readers. In 2015 we organized and promoted nearly 400 author events and 120 tabling/exhibiting events across North America, with a growing number in the UK as well. We take our boxes of books, folding tables, and bookshelves where no publisher has gone before. We table political and academic conferences, labor events, book fairs, craft fairs, really anywhere that books can be sold to a receptive audience. Who else has books available in every expected channel but are also top sellers in both Matewan, WV and Oaxaca, Mexico?


IPG: What do our readers need to know about your books?

Craig O’Hara: One neat fact is that they are nearly all printed in the US by the employee-owners at Thomson Shore in Dexter, MI...


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"...pulsing with electrifying storytelling, this anthology gets into your skin..."

"Inspired by its radical, feminist-of-color predecessor, This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, this latest incarnation—originally entitled, This Bridge Called My Baby—is a loving meditation on multiply marginalized mama figures trying to make it work with what they got within the confines of the anti-Black, white supremacist, capitalist, ableist, cisheteropatriarchal systems that pin the proverbial boot against our chests, attempting to slowly suffocate us all as we struggle to draw a collective breath in the name of liberation.

This anthology centers the voices of Black mothers and mothers of color, queer mothers, poor and working-class mothers, disabled mothers, and immigrant mothers who offer their lived experiences in the form of poetry, essays, manifestos, photo montages and play scripts. But as a “non-parent” with my own complicated relationship with mothering, I didn’t think I’d be able to relate..."—Black Girl Dangerous

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    Darien, CT – Only days before he was to enter Yale Law School, Trey Von Der Brown, 22, was mowed down behind the wheel of his powder-blue 2016 Mini Cooper convertible in a hail of police bullets. 
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    Making Rights Work: A Review of "The Human Rights Enterprise" A few years ago, when California was going through a major budget crisis and money for education was being cut back dramatically, many students protesting the cuts claimed t...
  • RIP Elie Wiesel 1928-2016
    “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” (Night) According to the Nobel Prize committee, who awarded him the Peace Prize in 1986, Elie Wiese...
  • Historiography and Armed Struggle
    In a speech delivered in Amsterdam, in June, former RAF member Ron Augustin discusses the historiography of the RAF.  In Ron's remarks one can discern the template for the historiography of First World left-wing guerilla groups in general. &n...
  • Babylon on the Hudson
     I come from a family of New Yorkers. Three of my grandparents emigrated to the city from Poland and what is now Belarus and lived there most of their lives, the fourth was born there, and both of my parents were born and raised in Brookly...
  • Letters to Hillary...
    Dear Hillary Rodham Clinton,       I am voting for you to be our first woman president because Sisterhood is Powerful, and who doesn't love power? For a woman to be accepted as "one of the boys," she has to be t...
  • Gwangju 518 and the Future of Global Democracy
    This is the acceptance speech George gave for the 2016 Kim Dae Jung Scholar's Prize for Contributions to Peace, Democracy and Human Rights on the Korean Peninsula  
  • An End of Power?
    We are entering a period where the social structures and mechanisms that have channeled and controlled power for the past few hundred years are shifting radically. In The End of Power, Venezuelan politician and former director of the World Bank...
  • The Global Perspective
    The former Blekingegade Group member Torkil Lauesen presents a new study on imperialism, global capitalism, and the Left’s possibilities of resistance.
  • Khadija Ismayilova freed
    Azerbaijani investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova has been freed from prison.
  • Reflections on a Delegation to Imprisoned Palestine
     At the end of March 2016, I was part of a nineteen-member Prisoner Solidarity and Labor Delegation that traveled from the United States, the country with the largest number of prisoners in the ...

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