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"Breaking the Spell provides contemporary media warriors with tools to more deeply interrogate our current work."

Breaking the Spell, however, is as much a history of such media movements as it is a theoretical reflection on the changing nature of work, deindustrialization, neoliberalism, and the emergence of “new anarchism.””…The book begins by establishing the important role that media production takes in a neoliberal context. As capitalism seeks out new frontiers of accumulation, it increasingly encroaches on every aspect of life, even subjectivity itself. Thus, Robé approaches neoliberalism not as a set of pro-market policies but, at its core, as a remaking of the “self” under a capitalist vision. It is here where media activism, when done effectively, can deconstruct the neoliberal subjectivity imposed by corporate and mainstream media.” —Beth Geglia, Interface Journal

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Grant Township, Pennsylvania, population 741, has became the front line of a radical new environmental movement...


“...Under Linzey's direction, CELDF was transformed into a civil-rights group for the environment. It has since helped about three dozen communities across the country draft laws to grant legal rights to nature. They have fought the oil-and-gas industry, factory farms, sludge haulers and other polluters. The plan, says Linzey, is to inject the idea of rights of nature into the national dialogue by working community by community. The ultimate goal is to work with legislatures to introduce rights-of-nature language into state constitutions and, eventually, the U.S. Constitution…”—Justin Nobel, Rolling Stone

For more on the situation and people involved in this fight check out We the People: Stories from the Community Rights Movement in the United States

Read the article: Rolling Stone

Look for Me in the Whirlwind: Publishers Weekly Starred Review


"In the era of Black Lives Matter, this chronicle of the Black Panther 21—the group charged in 1969 with the conspiracy to commit violent acts in what became the longest trial in New York history—is more relevant than ever. This book offers accounts from the 21 members put on trial, including Sundiata Acoli, the Black Liberation Army fighter sentenced to life in prison for the death of a New Jersey state trooper; Jamal Joseph, an Academy Award–nominated filmmaker; Afeni Shakur, mother of rapper Tupac Shakur; and Assata Shakur, member of the Panther-associated Black Liberation Army and the first woman on the FBI’s most-wanted list. ...This book demonstrates the scope of the Panthers’ intellectual gifts as well as the compassion and revolutionary spirit at the center of their radical grassroots activism."—Publishers Weekly

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Review: CounterPunch
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"Damnificados brings to mind William Gibson's Bridge trilogy..."

"Damnificados brings to mind William Gibson’s Bridge trilogy, J.G. Ballard’s High-Rise, Chris Adrian’s surreal The Children’s Hospital, and Pat Murphy’s The City, Not Long After, this last a book that shares Damnificados’ utopian dreams. Amaworo Wilson spins an often dark tale, one that refuses to avert its eyes from mass poverty and the dire results of climate change, but it’s never a bleak or depressing one. There’s too much energy and beauty in the ruins and the survivors of the Trash Wars, too much warmth and magic." —Elizabeth Hand, Fantasy & Science Fiction

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  • Tales from Rojava
    Lower Class Magazine reports on the struggle in Kurdistan.
  • Which Side Are You On?
    Terror is the checkpoint on my way to school, the robbery of my land, the torture of my mother, the imprisonment of my innocent father. (Ahed Tamimi)
  • Anarchist Liberation Army
    A new group in Germany aims to revive the spirit of the Schwarze Scharen, anarcho-syndicalist workers' militias portrayed in the PM Press release "Setting Sights: Histories and Reflections on Community Armed Self-Defense".
  • New Year's Gratitude
    Embracing gratitude as a theme of resolution, the blog muses a bit and ends with a poem.
  • Capitalism: The Elephant in the Room
    While I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when someone at a conference asks why CELDF’s community organizing doesn’t take on capitalism directly, the question still startles me. The intimation is that our work nibbles around the ...
  • Year's End in Venezuela
    It's been a troubled year in Venezuela, and 2018 looks like it will be much, much worse.
  • Emily in La-La Land
    On 28 November, Emily Thornberry, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, delivered a speech to Labour Friends of Israel Annual Lunch in the presence of the Chief Rabbi and Mark Regev, the Israeli Ambassador.

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