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Ward Churchill's Wielding Words like Weapons: Selected Essays in Indigenism, 1995–2005— Out Now!

“Compellingly original, with the powerful eloquence and breadth of knowledge we have come to expect from Churchill’s writing.”
—Howard Zinn

“This is insurgent intellectual work—breaking new ground, forging new paths, engaging us in critical resistance.”
—bell hooks

“An important contribution that merits careful reflection, and an implicit call to action that should not be ignored.”
—Noam Chomsky

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"For the literary-minded, this Rad Dad collective is a gem of inspired thought..."— Library Journal


“...These collected essays, written by various contributors, are raw, inspired, and artful, capturing the joys and pains of parenting with no apologies and no lack of grace. As such, some entries will speak more to readers than others, but the truth and beauty they evoke is elegant and grounding, celebrating the victories and struggles of a generation of parents: “I did not grow up in a family where anything seemed possible. The future did not really exist because surviving the present was the priority.” —Julianne Smith, Library Journal

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Revolutionary Mothering Reviewed in Novel Niche

Revolutionary Mothering is a dreambook. Place it on your bedstand and when you awaken, scribble your not-quite-daylight visions in the margins so your dreams will be in good company. With its protean take on mothering, expect to pick up a new book each time you open it. And while we’re dreaming, I would have loved more voices from mothers who embody the truth that “mother” is “older and more futuristic than the word ‘woman,’” as Gumbs wrote.” —Almah LaVon,  Novel Niche

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Review: Black Girl Dangerous

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" a great text for anyone interested in spicing up their direct action with a little theory."


"There are several reasons to get this text. One, the writing and translation are efficient, powerful, and persuasive. There are several bumps, but overall it’s quite tight. Second, unlike bloated or self-aggrandizing theory or political screeds, the TPS authors want you to understand what they are saying so that you, too, can challenge automobility. Third, this is theory from a localised situation of enacted resistance and mutual aid. For direct action groups or individuals seeking to increase their theory or explore ways to articulate or frame their positions, TPS offers a great model..."— Luther Blisset, Freedom News

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(Above are just some of our titles. Click here to visit our store for lots and lots more!)


(Above are just some of our titles. Click here to visit our store for lots and lots more!)


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