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"Demanding the Impossible is simply exhaustive..."—Ground Control Magazine


"Starting with the Taoist movement many centuries ago, Peter Marshall elegantly takes us through the different political movements that have adopted anarchist ideas. Demanding the Impossible discusses the forerunners of anarchism that were prevalent in old Asian, Greek, Christian and European societies, then touches on the old libertarian thinkers who had an anarchist slant in their beliefs, followed by the more prominent thinkers. Throughout, Marshall displays an expertise for their philosophy and gets at the core of what their ideas were. At the end, Marshall focuses on the trends worldwide and movements that have claimed anarchist principles, like the Mexican revolution, the Spanish civil war, the 1968 protest in France, and more recent events..."—Ground Control  Magazine

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Other Avenues's author in The San Francisco Chronicle

In the 1970s, the Bay Area developed a vibrant, interactive network of cooperatively run enterprises called the People’s Food System. Though it lasted only a few years, the movement gave birth to Other Avenues Food Co-op, Rainbow Grocery and Veritable Vegetable (now for-profit), all of which are still open. (Chronicle gardening columnist Pam Peirce started writing as one of the editors of the group’s newsletter.)

Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff, a longtime member of the worker collective at Other Avenues in the Sunset District, has told this story in her new book, Other Avenues Are Possible. The Chronicle asked Nimbark Sacharoff to outline the movement’s arc.

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Review: The Progressive Populist
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Gypsy is..."Moving, memorable, and stylistically-sophisticated." —Peace News


"Moving, memorable, and stylistically-sophisticated (one simultaneously disturbing and hilarious section consists of fragments of future internet traffic; elsewhere Scholz refers to the spaceship’s own datastream as ‘pushing its mite of meaning back into the plaintext chaos of the universe’), Gypsy is another stellar addition to PM Press’s stand-out Outspoken Authors series." —Gabriel Carlyle, Peace News

Scholz’s writing crackles with energy, intelligence and dark humor.”
Publishers Weekly

“Not just intellectually provocative, but emotionally rich, even saturated.”
Washington Post Book World

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