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well, duh--incarcerated women's health care in urgent need of improvement

Maybe I'm just in a cranky mood today, but took them this long to figure it out?



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study of prison nursery and community corrections programs

In Resistance Behind Bars, I cover incarcerated mothers' acts of individual resistance and collective organizing around access to their children. Recently, I learned that mothers imprisoned in Argentina, a country which allows women to choose to keep their babies and small children with them in the prison, have also acted to protest the conditions facing them and their children behind bars. In 2003, 300 prisoners and 98 of their family members took over portions of the women's prison in Buenos Aires for 9 hours. The authorities agreed to their demands for an on-site pediatrician 24 hours a day, a mother's right to accompany her child to outside hospitals for treatment, better nutrition, access to an outdoor patio and lack of retaliation or punishment for the protest.


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Give people in federal prison a chance to come home early! Support the Good Time Bill!

In my book, I talk about the dangers of advocating for reforms that would increase the strength and power of the prison system. At the same time, we have to remember that prison abolition is not going to happen overnight. It’s important not to forget that there are real flesh-and-blood people inside prisons right now suffering from all of the atrocities that prisons heap on them—separation from their loved ones, long sentences for first-time offenses (or no offenses at all—remember that the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 enabled police and prosecutors to arrest and charge spouses and lovers with “conspiracy” for actions as simple as taking a phone message or signing for a package. They didn’t have to be involved in any more capacity than that. One of the women who contributed to my book spent almost eleven years in prison for agreeing to pick up a package for an acquaintance! And her experience is not an anomaly), life-threatening medical neglect, sexual abuse by staff, the list could go on for pages.

 The Good Time Bill on the table is an opportunity to *decrease* the size (and hopefully strength) of the prison system while *not* putting in place another awful institution that we are going to have to fight to dismantle down the line. 

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SuperMax Subscriptions--providing those in supermax prisons with reading material!

Supermax Subscriptions seeks to connect the surplus of well-traveled citizens to a population that never goes anywhere: prisoners in American supermax prisons.
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Alabama Prison Voting

Alabama inmates are registering to vote from prison in a precedent-setting
effort organized by activist groups with the blessing of state corrections

Nearly 80 prisoners had filled out registration forms during drives at two
lockups, and organizers plan to help them and hundreds more obtain absentee
in time to vote in the presidential election on Nov. 4.
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death of a prisoner fieldworker

In 2007, Colorado State Representative Dorothy Butcher proposed using prisoners to replace the migrant farm workers avoiding the state's new immigration laws.

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Are Wisconsin Prisoners Losing the Right to Read?


Wisconsin Books to Prisoners (WBTP), an all-volunteer group established in 2006 by Rainbow Bookstore staff, volunteers, and other concerned citizens received a letter on May 13, 2008 from John Bett, Administrator at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Division of Adult Institutions (WI-DOC-DAI) stating “effective immediately, the WI-DOC Division of Adult Institutions will no longer allow books or publications from Rainbow Bookstores in any DOC facility.”

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