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How Do We Get Our Bread?

A review of Deric Shannon, Anthony J. Nocella II, and John Asimakopoulos, eds., The Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics.
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From Erich Mühsam to Stir Magazine

On the first complete edition of Erich Mühsam's diaries, the new online magazine Stir, and the future of radical publishing.
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David Gilbert and the Weather Underground: A European Perspective

A review of Love and Struggle: My Life in SDS, the Weather Underground, and Beyond.
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The Meaning of Anarchism: Black Flame, Definitions, and Struggles over Identity

Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt’s book Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism published by AK Press in 2009 has caused considerable debate within the anarchist movement. While the debate itself is refreshing, it might not always be conducted in the most productive of ways.
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The Anarchist Hypothesis, or Badiou, Žižek, and the Anti-Anarchist Prejudice

This essay was written in the summer of 2011 after Slavoj Žižek sported a Lenin T-shirt during his talk with Amy Goodman and Julian Assange in London. The talk was held on July 2, 2011, and hosted by the Frontline Club.
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Grassroots Football: Values, Examples, Potentials

"At its core, grassroots football shares many principles with grassroots organizing, championed in many alternative and progressive circles: self-management, horizontal organizing, anti-commercialism, a strong community base, etc. Grassroots football can take on many forms. This article attempts to present some of them."
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Gustav Landauer, Revolution, and Social Relationships: A Response to "Landauer's Fallacy"

On July 28, 2011, a short piece by Wayne Price, entitled "Landauer's Fallacy," was posted on While some of Wayne's criticism touches on problematic aspects in Landauer's thoughtfor example, a certain cultural elitismWayne jumps to a few conclusions that distort Landauer's beliefs and principles...
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US Travel Bans and the False Promise of Tariq Ramadan

Recently, two prominent scholars who had been banned from visiting the US for some years have been allowed back into the country. No reason to get too excited, though.
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Free the Belgrade Six!

On February 17, the trial against the "Belgrade Six" begins, a group of Serbian anarcho-syndicalists accused of "international terrorism" in connection with a solidarity action for a jailed Greek anarchist.
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Terrorists, US Immigration, and a Canceled Tour

Sometimes you experience the ultimate anti-climax. With three PM Press books released these months, I had been planning for about a year to come for an extended speaking tour to North America this spring. A couple of months ago, I started planning this more concretely. The anarchist bookfairs in San Francisco, New York, and Montreal provided general reference points, and I got in touch with many wonderful people who helped schedule events in twenty US states and two Canadian provinces. I was also looking forward to the trip on a personal level: I have been traveling to the US regularly since I was nine years old, did part of my schooling there, and meant to visit many dear friends. Admittedly, I was worried about immigration, as I've had problems before – one reason why I haven't visited in five years – but I figured I'll come well prepared. Little did I know that the recently introduced Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) would make it impossible for someone matching an entry on the US government's No Fly List (also known as the Terrorist Watch List) to even board a plane. I considered the process a mere formality, and it actually took me a week to check the outcome of my application. So when the words "Travel Not Authorized" appeared on my computer screen, I instantly thought of a mistake. Certainly I must have missed a letter or digit in my application form. I checked the records. I hadn't missed anything. Nonetheless, I applied again. It only took a few hours to receive another rejection.
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