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Anarchists, Maoists, and Anti-Imperialism

An interview with the anarchist journal Freedom.
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Social Democracy, Bernie Sanders, and the Options of the Radical Left

An interview with members of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation/Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra.
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Failed States Rather Than Puppet Regimes

A review of Dan Glazebrook’s "Divide and Ruin: The West’s Imperial Strategy in an Age of Crisis".
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A Spirit of Militancy

A review of "Urban Revolt: State Power and the Rise of People’s Movements in the Global South".
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Identifying the Enemy

A review of Alexander Reid Ross's "Against the Fascist Creep".
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The Social Democratic Assassin

Vienna press Promedia has republished the transcripts from the trial against Friedrich Adler, who shot and killed Austrian minister-president Karl Graf Stürgkh in October 1916.

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A New Class Politics

Class is back on the agenda of the European left. That is good news. The reasons, however, are unfortunate.
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Between Capital and Volk

Germany's AfD poses as a defender of the "common man," but seeks to impose an authoritarian form of neoliberalism.
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Oppressor and Oppressed Nations: Sketching a Taxonomy of Imperialism

If we want to combat imperialism – which is necessary to combat capitalism – we need to have an understanding of what it looks like, how it functions, and where we need to hit it.
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Getting on with the Game

A review of Jonathan Matthew Smucker's "Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals".

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