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Storming the Bastille in Syria

The oppressed workers and farmers of Syria need solidarity and deserve solidarity.
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Egypt's Elections Under Military Rule

Join Our Resistance to the Counter-Revolution

by Comrades from Cairo 

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Supporting the Syrian People

a response to widespread objections
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Mob Attacks in Tel Aviv

The economic downturn by itself will not lead to proletarian solidarity.
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Adios NATO

and don't come back!

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Urgent Appeal from Morocco

help save the lives of five imprisoned 
Moroccan student demonstrators
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More on the Atzmon Controversy

My previous posting consisted of an exchange I had with Gilad Atzmon, plus a comment from longtime antizionist Jeff Blankfort.

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Exchange with Gilad Atzmon

an exchange with Gilad Atzmon, plus a comment by longtime anti-Zionist Jeff Blankfort
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Another old guy talks about 1968 and 2012

responding to Staughton Lynd's talk in Toledo.
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Where are the "troubled consciences" over Greece?

The Greeks can only be defeated if they must fight alone 
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