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Literary Traditions

The school where I teach has a required course on the Western Literary Tradition.

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Memoir of an Ex-Jew 1

My grandparents on both sides were born in the 1880s and came to America shortly after 1905, four among the millions who left Eastern Europe around that time.
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CLR James Library Success

Following a short meeting between representatives of BEMA [Black and Ethnic Minority Arts] and Members and officers of Hackney Council
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Alternative Institutions or Dual Power

Today I want to talk about strategy for revolution. As Malcolm X said, I want to have a conversation between you and me, us.
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The text of a letter I sent in July to three revolutionary groups. So far only one of the groups, Bring the Ruckus, has replied publicly.

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The Antislavery Movement Today

I spent 2009-2010 as the Edward Said Visiting Professor at the American University of Beirut. It felt good to occupy a chair named after a worthy individual instead of one of the parasites or war criminals those chairs are normally named after.

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Save the CLR James Library--Sign the Petition

Save the CLR James Library--Sign the petition--Guest column
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Harvard Interview

The following interview was done in 2002 for an undergraduate publication at Harvard. It never ran. Words in brackets indicate updates.

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