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Noir in the Desert, Horror in Glasgow

Two of my novels as e-books, with an excerpt...
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Five Blog Posts: Hate Crimes, Urbanism, Libel, Koan, Pending Execution

Why I oppose hate crimes laws, why urban density is good for the earth, good news about U.K. libel reform, Arizona is about to commit another unlawful execution, and a commentary on the Zen koan "The Coin Lost in the River..."
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Four Blog Posts: Lincoln Lawyer, Zen at War, Phoenix, Rebel Inc.

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
- Revelation

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Six Blog Posts

Sex, Zen, Book Reviews, Media, Arizona
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Three Blog Posts: Urban Nature, The White Stripes, Food

The location of nature, memories of a White Stripes show, and food sources...
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Three Blog Posts: The King's Speech, Fighting Phantoms, America's Infantile Culture

Cinema, class, and Zen:
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Libertarianism is an Enemy of Freedom

One of my closest friends, Nick Hentoff, is a card-carrying Libertarian, and when we first became friends in the mid-1990s he tried to claim me for the Libertarians, or at least for the small-l libertarians.
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Read Barry Graham and Barry Graham

There's another, younger, writer named Barry Graham who sometimes gets mistaken for me. What adds to the confusion is that our styles are similar, even though he hasn't been influenced by me at all. He had never read my books or even heard of me until people started thinking he was me.

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Tolerance and Arrogance

To be "tolerant" of the other is to make it bad, wrong, something to be tolerated, and to take a position of moral superiority.

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You Can't Buy Literacy

The essential difference between the U.S. and European education systems...
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