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Seven Blog Posts

The Book of Man as an e-book, Scotland, U.S. terrorism, Lynne Tillman
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Three Blog Posts: Writing, Violence, Trump

Writing as Zen practice, the ethics of violence, and why President Trump is a possibility
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Three Blog Posts: U.S. Police State, Royal Wedding, Ayn Rand

My encounter with the National Guard, a comment of the royal wedding, and the infantile disciples of Ayn Rand...
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Six Blog Posts

Allan Guthrie, The War on Drugs, not eating food, Banksy, the selfishness of martyrdom, Joe Arpaio and David Hendershott 
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Allan Guthrie Interviews Me

Allan Guthrie, author of the excellent Slammer and other books, has an interview with me about How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy? on his blog.
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Prices Slashed on E-Books, and Giveaways from Allan Guthrie and Me

Low prices and no prices. You can't afford not to...
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Scumbo: New Book on Kindle

This novella and stories contain some of the best stuff I've written...
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Benjamin Whitmer Reviews How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy?

Benjamin Whitmer, the author of Pike (one of my favorite novels), has a review of my novel How Do You Like Your Blue-Eyed Boy?
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Four Blog Posts

Phoenix cops hold barbecue for accused murderer, I discuss whether Red Harvest created the amoral outsider archetype, and discuss the problem of Zen cliques, and argue that a member of the AZ Clemency Board unabashedly embraces evil. Get your mom to read these to you at bedtime.
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In America, We Love to Kill People

I've been reporting on an impending execution...
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