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A letter for Gene Akins 1937-2010: A Lifelong Wobbly and anarchist

This is a letter of remembrances in memoriam for my friend Gene Akins who passed away recently. Gene was a lifelong bonafide card carrying Industrial Workers of the World ‘Wobbly’ since the early 1960’s. He was also a lifelong anarchist.
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Anniversaries So We Don't Forget: Katrina, Common Ground and New Orleans four years on.

Anniversaries are reminders that we must never give up, give in or forget.
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Will the real story please stand up? Darby, democracy and self

Do not be afraid, do not stop trusting, and do not stop dreaming of better worlds.
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A letter to Cynicism and the Circular Firing Squad that is Us

A reflection on the Common Ground Collective, leadership, myths and noble animals.
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Eating Crow: Mistakes, Brandon Darby, the FBI and Our Resilience

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

- Zora Neale Hurston

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Reportback from Common Ground Relief 09.04.08

A report from the ground in the Gulf Coast Region 09.04.08
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On Remembrances and Anniversaries, Tears for the Gulf Coast & Immediate Concerns, Katrina & Gustav

It's the third anniversary of the devastation of the Gulf Coast in the early years of this century.
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