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Bauhaus and the Human Motor

In which the modernism of the Bauhaus School is seen as part of the rise of managerialism, the deskilling of the working class and the new professionsof work disciplineon Weimar Germany. This mixed in with a vocabulary of spirituaity and renewal was an especialy poisonous cocktail 
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Pragmatic Plastic

 A Greek framed anti-bourgeois vuew of plastic.
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Land Grab: Enclosure, Dispossession, Eviction

The process of land grab is worldwide and constant.It inclides both farm, forest and urban landas well as jungle and what he grabbers like to definngs of Western colonialisme s 'marginal. From the 16th century and the behinnings of Western colonialism and interrnal European colonialism the grabbers claim that they are entitled to other peolpe's land because they will use it more 'efficiently' as defibed by themselves. An ideology of productivism is made to suit the needs of capital and its restless need to accumulate. This same rationalisation is used today when post-2008 this processhas sped up.It is one in which an increasingly rentier capital aims for total control of the means of subsistence.


The essay in German translationas well as George Caffentzis essay in New orleans accompanies a set of 60 posters on the theme collected in the book "Land Raub "  made by Doujak and Barker andpublished by Bahoe Books

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ships and shamans

An account of a time in South Korea in 2012 that describes a history of exploitation and its representations; the role of artistic events in capitalist restructuring and how they might escape this function; and how the conjunction of 'tradition' and ultra-modernity is coially engineerd but how they too can escape the plan.
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