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Cindy Milstein, Noel Ignatiev, Peter Marshall, Clifton Ross, Alec Dunn, Barry Graham, Buff-Whitman Bradley, Michael Fox, scott crow, Sasha Lilley, Nick Mamatas, S. Brian Willson . . . and so many more! If you don't see your favorite author below, just click on their page from the pull-down lists to see the latest! Click here to subscribe to an RSS feed of the latest blogs.

Letter from Moscow

People-Power Consolidates in Ukraine: Putin Cracks Down on Dissent in Russia (sent by Richard Greeman) and initially posted by Noel Ignatiev HERE
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Latest Blog Entries

  • Ten Great Crime Fiction Characters on Film
    Like many crime writers, I was profoundly influenced by the great crime novels of the traditional British and hardboiled American schools. But like so many of my generation, I first encountered these canonical detective stories in film and televis...
  • The Power to Stay: Magical Realism from SF's Mission
    This tale of fears, facts, and the fantastical was originally posted on Cindy Milstein's Outside the Circle blog at Please feel free to share and repos...
  • Trying to Find Light against the Gray
    This originally appeared as a blog post on Outside the Circle, Please consider subscribing, so you get my latest writing.
  • Notes On Liberty and Freedom
    Liberty and freedom in English are often used interchangeably but there does seem to be a difference. Liberty, a word which comes from the Latin libertas, the Goddess of Liberty, seems more formal and civic than freedom, which comes from the Ol...
  • Why the hell did I ever get into punk rock?
    Why the hell did I ever get into punk rock?   The two most common questions I get asked in conjunction with my books are: why write them in the first place? And, what got you into punk rock? Or when/why/how did you get into punk rock? You k...

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