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Latest Blog Entries

  • Making Up with Punk Rock
    I broke up with punk rock, but it appears I’m back, having never really left at all. Still, I feel I have some explaining to do.
  • To my Chavista Friends
    In the December 6 elections for the National Assembly in Venezuela, the opposition won an astounding 2/3 majority, giving them extraordinary powers of governance which would even include the possibility of writing a new constitution. Effectively t...
  • What do you mean by Jewish Noir?
    "A message from the Department of Unexpected Experiences: On every leg of our extensive tour for Jewish Noir outside of the New York area, the first question was invariably some form of, “What do you mean by Jewish noir?”At first,...
  • France at War II
    The fear that is gripping France today stands in ghastly contrast with the positive national mood during the days immediately following the horrific Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.
  • New Landauer Biography
    Under the title "Die Politik eines ‘Antipolitikers’", the German Edition AV has published the most comprehensive biography of Gustav Landauer to date.
  • France at "War"
    the overall reaction of the French people (and media) was humane and peaceful

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