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Annemarie Monahan

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Annemarie Monahan has been published in numerous lesbian and feminist journals. Now in her twenty-third year of private practice as a chiropractor, she lives in Western Massachusetts with two rescue parrots and a library gone feral.

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Author: Annemarie Monahan
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 978-1-60486-631-5
Published 2012
Format: Paperback
Size: 8 by 5.25
Page count: 320 Pages
Subjects: Gay Literature/Women's Studies/Fiction

As a radical feminist, Antonia has never believed in band-aid political solutions. After years of planning, she and her lover—the charismatic and bipolar Josephine—found an independent nation for women on an abandoned oil rig. At first, they thrive. Thirty women transform the barren platform into a lush garden, capable of supplying their every need. An Eden made by Eves. But the quest for purity supplants radical action, and tears the community apart. Antonia loses the battle to save their vision—and nearly her life.

Dr. Katherine North is not a sentimental woman. But after she reads that an old lover has died, she’s driven to make peace with the woman who still haunts her, the deeply religious and conservative Amanda. When Katherine finds her, she discovers that Amanda has rewritten the history of their love affair and renounced her in the name of God.

Growing up working-class and Catholic, Kitty Trevelyan never considered abortion when she got pregnant at eighteen. Now, at forty-one, she no longer believes that life begins at conception, but knows that hers certainly ended with it. Still, she loves her kids, and she's finally working on a college degree. She's been happily married twenty-three years. Happily enough.  Until her professor, Faye, asks her for coffee and kisses her.

Three very different women. All forty-one. With the same birthday. With the same birthmark. As the parallel lines of their lives converge, we realize what connects them: they were all once the same seventeen-year-old girl on an April morning, wondering whether she would be brave. 


"Three is the novel I've been waiting for. It's a story as steady and true as a heartbeat, building slowly to a wild storm where utopias turn dystopian and then back again. It's both a cautionary tale of courage and cowardice and a battle call where the personal and the political shatter and mend each other. And Three is a book of such beauty that it could change the world."
—Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame

Three is a novel for the radical heart. It's a story for both the brave and the weary, lush with our passions, poignant with loss. It's a map through the territory we must travel to find that shining world of our dreams, a world that a tiny few refuse to abandon despite our endless defeats. If you have longed to hear Eliot's mermaids singing, ached for the courage to eat that peach, Three will show you how. What Monahan has written is, finally, Woolf's trip to the lighthouse. It may be an abandoned oil rig at this point in the destruction of the planet, but the unrelenting beauty of Three is enough to make it bloom.”
—Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability


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What Others are Saying

threeThree, A Review
by Deb Taber
Cascadia Subduction Zone

Three is about possibilities made real. It takes weighty subject matter and doesn't turn away from it, yet within the story you'll also find humor, lightheartedness, even jocularity. No book is for everyone, but regardless of gender or orientation, Three has something to say to anyone who will listen, and the more you participate by asking yourself the questions the story asks of its three-in-one character(s), the more you can gain from the reading experience.

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threeThree, A Review
by Sarah Burghauser
Lambda Literary
September 2012

With an air of myth, an acute sense of irony, a climactic sex scene you’ll never forget, and a nod to Jeanette Winterson (Oranges are Not the Only Fruit), this savory book will keep a smirk of pleasure smeared across your face at every pithy dialogue, sharp observation, and lyrical turn of phrase.

Succulent, charming, and sexy, Three is a book you’ll want to come back to.

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threeAnnemarie Monahan interviewed
by Karen Brown
WFCR's Summer Fiction Reading Series

The book Three is Greenfield writer Annemarie Monahan's first novel. The English-major turned chiropractor took six years to write the book on weekends and evenings and eventually sold it to a small publisher. Three is the story of one woman with three possible life paths – as a member of a lesbian utopian community, a housewife who starts to question her sexuality, and a doctor who dwells on her past loves. Monahan suggests the three identities spring from the same core being.

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threeThree: A Review
Feminism: The Liberation Movement of Womyn
May 3rd, 2012

I’m the kinda gal that hungers for good lesbian feminist fiction more than I do  a delicious, home-cooked meal. Thus, I was incredibly happy to discover Annemarie Monahan’s debut novel, Three. It is political but entertaining, gently humorous while  tackling serious subjects. In other words, Three has serious value as a novel that is both lesbian and feminist.

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