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Martin Bull & Banksy's This is Not a Photo Opportunity— Out Now!


This Is Not a Photo Opportunity is a street-level, full-color showcase of some of Banksy's most innovative pieces ever.

Banksy, Britain's now-legendary "guerilla" street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout the world. Once viewed as vandalism, Banksy’s work is now venerated, collected, and preserved.

Over the course of a decade, Martin Bull has documented dozens of the most important and impressive works by the legendary political artist, most of which are no longer in existence. This Is Not a Photo Opportunity boasts nearly 200 color photos of Banksy’s public work on the walls, as seen from the streets.

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Crime Fiction and Political Activism: Where They Meet and How, Ken Wishnia on TruthOut

"The tradition carries on, and award-winning novelist Ken Wishnia is one of the best and most perceptive practitioners today. His series, featuring the irrepressible, tough-talking and street smart Latina private investigator Filomena Buscarsela, tackles a range of social injustices including environmental crime, corporate greed and revolutionary upheaval over the course of five books, the latest of which, Blood Lake, is currently being reissued by PM Press as a trade paperback with a new introduction.

Peter Handel for Truthout: You have an academic background – you're a professor of English at Suffolk Community College with a doctorate in Comparative Literature. You also write crime novels. Can you connect the dots for us?" — Peter Handel, Truthout

Read more: TruthOut
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Rachelle Lee Smith's Speaking OUT: Starred Kirkus Review, Publishers Weekly & Ravishly


"An important work for queer youth and those who support them as the future they represent."—Kirkus starred review

"Sincerity shines in this photographic essay consisting of portraits of queer youth. Smith spent 10 years photographing queer and trans youth (ages 14–24) in front of plain white backgrounds, inviting each subject to write directly onto the photographic image. This collectively written essay collects the portraits as well as the testimonies of those involved in the project. The messages on the photos include unbridled optimism (“Dance The Life Fantastic”), political defiance (“I don’t fit into the shape of your box / Undefined is how I define”), and taxonomic rundowns (“genderqueer, dyke, polyamorous, democrat, artist”)." —Publishers Weekly

Read more: Kirkus
Read more: Publishers Weekly
Read more: Ravishly
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Peter Kuper's "The System is admirable simply because of the beauty of its structure..."

"More than any of his other comics, The System is admirable simply because of the beauty of its structure...This edition is in hardback, is printed at a larger size and on better paper. The colors absolutely pop off the page in this book, and the quality of the paper is a big reason why. The endpapers, commentary and interstitial material give the book a real chance to breathe. This is obviously the definitive version of this book, and I'd point any reader curious about Kuper's career to this book first and foremost."—Rob Clough, High-Low

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