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When Former Prosecutors Rebrand Themselves as Progressives to Win Elections

From Kamala Harris to Lori Lightfoot, former prosecutors are rewriting their own histories to present themselves as progressive.
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Imagine Pleading Guilty Because You Can't Afford To Call Your Lawyer

Imagine paying $20.12 for a 15-minute phone call. That’s how much a call from the Jennings Adult Correctional Facility in Missouri costs.
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#MeToo Behind Bars: When the Sexual Assaulter Holds the Keys to Your Cell

In January, Strawberry Hampton, a trans woman incarcerated in Illinois, settled a lawsuit about repeated sexual and physical abuse she'd experienced by prison staff in the state's men's prisons. What she endured isn't limited to Illinois prisons, or to men's prisons.
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Efforts to Decrease Prison Populations Are Leaving Women Behind

By Vikki Law
Originally published on Truthout
February 07, 2018

Anastazia Schmid has spent the past 17 years behind bars in Indiana. During that time, she's seen firsthand the impacts of changes and trends within the state's prison system -- and the ways in which criminal legal reform efforts continue to leave women behind bars.
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After Wakanda- 5 Black Sci-Fi Writers You Should Know

Originally posted on Bitch
February 26th, 2018

This story was originally published on October 30, 2014.

It’s time to stock up your bedside table with titles by Black women authors who you can spend the next 11 months reading. Here’s my short list of great authors to introduce you to Black speculative-fiction.


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How a Former Black Panther Could Change the Rules of Solitary Confinement

 The case of Russell Maroon Shoatz, who spent nearly 30 years in solitary confinement, could set a precedent for others held in prolonged isolation.
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As Activists, We Build the World We Want—Which Is Still Very Far Off

On Monday, over 1,700 people tuned into the livestream of Ferguson is the Future, a day-long symposium at Princeton University. Unlike most science fiction/fantasy conferences, this one centered Blackness and social justice.
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The Deaths of Sandra Bland & Kindra Chapman Reflect How the Justice System Sees Black Women

Originally published on Bitch Magazine.

"The justice system is not something we can view in isolation. It is an extension and reflection of some broader decisions we're making as a society." That was what President Barack Obama said as he addressed the NAACP at its annual convention last Tuesday.
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Taking Down the Flag Doesn't Signal the End of White Supremacy

Posted July 10th on Bitch Magazine:
Today, the Confederate flag finally comes down from outside the South Carolina capitol building. Two weeks ago, activist Bree Newsome scaled the flagpole and took it down herself, but now it's coming down for good after legislators and the governor agreed to remove the stinging symbol of American racism.
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Despite advances, the trans struggle for justice behind bars is just beginning on Waging NonViolence

"For the past three years, Ashley Diamond has been denied health care as well as protection from recurring violence from the men around her. But she has been fighting back — and her fight has been making headlines and wresting small changes from the Georgia Department of Corrections..."
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