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Latest Blog Entries

  • Mexicans Invade U.S.; Trump Forced to Go Without Toothbrush
    WASHINGTON — In a daring pre-dawn raid this morning, 135 million Mexicans and Central Americans stormed over the border at El Paso, roared up Interstate 10, and broke into the White House. There, they tore President Donald J. Trump from the ...
  • The Green New Climate Deal
    A contribution to the GTI Forum The Climate Movement: What's Next? By Jeremy BrecherJune 2019
  • Poked in the eye with a sharp stick
    I loathe public life and politicians. This aversion has not saved me from prolonged brushes with the species, but it has exempted me from run-of-the-mill mandates, the ones accepted by the look-at-me-types who jostle for places on the platform. Ev...
  • Mutual Aid Listicle
    Mutual aid is the bedrock of thriving and sustainable communities.
  • Peterloo
    The British empire defeated Napoleon in 1815 on the field of battle at Waterloo (Belgium) and smashed the universal principles of the French Revolution – liberty, equality, and fraternity.
  • Slaughterhouse Prayer interview
    “Slaughterhouse Prayer is a book that grabs you by the collar, slams you up against the wall and shoves you through various emotions. The atmosphere of it stays with you for days afterwards; intimidating, heart-rending, brilliant.&rdquo...

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