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Andrea Gibbons

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Andrea Gibbons completed her doctorate in Geography at the London School of Economics, and holds a Masters from UCLA in Urban Planning. She is a writer, editor and educator with ten years’ organizing experience in Central and South Central L.A. working on issues of community planning and civic participation, immigration rights, development and regeneration, slum housing and public health. After a year in London's East End developing a participatory community space in London's East End, she is currently researching the sharing economy, land rights and sustainability. She sits on the editorial board of the academic journal City: Analysis of Urban Trends, Culture, Theory, Policy, Action, and blogs at popular education website as well as for her own site Her first non-fiction book Land, Privilege, Race: One Hundred Years of Struggle Against Segregation in Los Angeles brings together an analysis of political economy with critical race theory and social movement, and is forthcoming from Verso. 

Andrea is an editor of PM's Switchblade imprint.

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Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail: Stories of Crime, Love and Rebellion
ISBN: 978-1-60486-096-2
Published August 2011
Format: Paperback
Size: 8 by 5.5
Page count: 256 Pages
Subjects: Anthology


Burn, Baby, Burn.

An incendiary mixture of genres and voices, this collection of short stories compiles a unique set of work that revolves around riots, revolts, and revolution. From the turbulent days of unionism in the streets of New York City during the Great Depression to a group of old women who meet at their local café to plan a radical act that will change the world forever, these original and once out-of-print stories capture the various ways people rise up to challenge the status quo and change up the relationships of power. Ideal for any fan of noir, science fiction, and revolution and mayhem, this collection includes works from Sara Paretsky, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Cory Doctorow, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Summer Brenner.

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What others are saying...

Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: A Review
By Yutaka Dirks
Briarpatch Magazine
May 31, 2012

The stories in Send My Love may riff on radical and revolutionary themes, but they are more entertaining than instructive; they don’t coalesce into a coherent politics. Entries like “A Good Start” by Barry Graham, which centres on the murder of a sexist office manager, seem to conflate revenge with revolutionary action, and suggest that catharsis, rather than justice, is what we should aim for. “I Love Paree” by Cory Doctorow and Michael Skeet plays with similar themes; during an anti-corporatist uprising in a near-future Paris, a young systems analyst and his cousin fall victim to revolutionary fervor gone off the rails. But unlike Graham, the authors seem to argue for moral and political consistency, even when caught in the whirlwind of radical upheaval.

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Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: A Review
by Betty Webb
Mystery Scene
Spring Issue #124

Neither hope nor sweetness is to be found in Send My Love and A Molotov Cocktail! (PM Press, $19.95) a top flight crime and sci-fi anthology edited by Gary Phillips and Andrea Gibbons, featuring stories by Paco Ignacio Taibo II and Sara Paretsky among others. A collection hardly designed to warm the cockles of your heart, these gritty stories are unsettling and beautifully bleak.

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Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: A Review
by Glenn Dallas
City Book Review
April 4, 2012

The stories of Send My Love span the spectrum from noir to historical fiction, and there are some real gems between its covers. Major names from not only the crime beat, but also the sci-fi and fantasy genres, make worthwhile contributions to the set, including names like Cory Doctorow, Sara Paretsky, and Kim Stanley Robinson.

The Revolution Will Be Fictionalized: A Review
by Stefan Raets
November 14th, 2011

Most SFF fans will probably pick up Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail! because of one or more of these three stories by famous SF authors, but if you don’t mind wandering outside of the boundaries of the genre, there are many other goodies to be found here...
Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail! is an excellent, eclectic anthology of stories, a perfect book to read now the cold autumn weather is starting to chill the OWS protesters. The struggle continues... so get your grind on!

Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: A Review
by Harriet Klausner
The Mystery Gazette
December 12, 2011

This eighteen story anthology pulls no punches or switchblades as the compilation focuses on rebellion by rebels with and without a cause. Fifteen of the entries are new while one of the reprints is actually a first time translation into English (“Bizco’s Memories” by Paco Ignacio Talbo II starring soccer played under the underground convict rules of a prison). The other previously published contributions, “Gold Diggers of 1977” by Michael Moorcock is one of the Cornelius tales looking at the Sex Pistols mythos (may not survive the test of time), and “I Love Paree” by Cory Doctorow and Michael Skeet in which Old Paree is in trouble due to the foreign invasion. In “Nickels and Dimes” by John A Imani, riots come to UCLA in 1972 but not daring to disturb the Wooden NCAA run. Kim Stanley Robinson looks at a slave revolt on the moon in “The Lunatics.” In “Murder … Then and Now” by Penny Micklebury, he claims to be X at the Black Student Union. This is a gripping timely collection in which people past and present across the spectrum rebel against those they believe are their oppressors.

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Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: A Review
Publishers Weekly
November 28th, 2011

The 18 mostly original stories in this thought-provoking crime anthology offer gritty testament to the violence, cunning, and resilience of people pushed to the brink. Phillips and Gibbons showcase some major talent, notably Sara Paretsky (“Poster Child”), but less well-known authors also make solid contributions. In John A Imani’s moving “Nickels and Dimes,” a black observer of a confrontation between police and protestors in 1972 Los Angeles becomes a reluctant participant and de facto leader. Gibbons’s “The El Rey Bar” brilliantly conveys the chaos, the hopelessness, and the despair engendered during an L.A. riot. SF ace Kim Stanley Robinson’s exotic “The Lunatics” explores the issue of forced labor amid an attempted slave revolt on the moon. On the down side, Michael Moorcock’s lengthy “Gold Diggers of 1977,” first published in 1980, will be incomprehensible to those unfamiliar with the story of the Sex Pistols. (Jan.)

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Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail!: A Review
by John Koeing
November 23rd, 2011

Great book title, one that will help this book be placed cover facing out on bookstore shelves for a week or so. Hopefully exposure will pump up sales and garner some publicity, as this collection of short stories has extreme personality and a bunch of worthwhile writing. If there’s a theme holding these authors together, it’s riots, love, crime, revolution and chaos.

Some pretty heavy hitters are included in this collection:  Michael Moorcock, Sara Paretsky, Cory Doctorow, and many others.  Send My Love and a Molotov Cocktail reminds me of an era gone by, writers from a different time, and attitudes not often seen today. This isn’t pulp fiction; these are splendid wordsmiths.

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Author Portfolio

Gibbons, Andrea. "Bridging theory and practice." City, 14: 6, 619 — 621.

Gibbons, Andrea. "A Right to the City, a Right to a Home: The Struggle Over Land and Housing in LA." Critical Cities: Ideas, Knowledge and Agitation from Emerging Urbanists, Vol 2. London: Myrdle Court Press, 2010.

Gibbons, Andrea. Driven From Below: A Look at Tenant Organizing and the New Gentrification. Perspectives Journal, Institute for Anarchist Studies, 2009.

Gibbons, Andrea and Gilda Hass. Redefining Redevelopment: Participatory Research for Equity in the Los Angeles Figueroa Corridor. SAJE, 2002.

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