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Disney Labor Unions Announce $15 Living Wage Campaign for Anaheim Resort

The banquet hall of the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim overflowed with hundreds of Disneyland Resort workers. They gathered last night to hear the findings of “Working for the Mouse,” an Occidental College and Economic Roundtable study that finally let the rat out of the bag this week about Disney’s poverty wages.
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Family of Slain Chilean Folk Singer Victor Jara Finally Get Their Date in US Court

New details about the brutal murder of Victor Jara in the days following the September 11, 1973, military coup in Chile are finally emerging in a court of law. Pedro Barrientos Nuñez, a former army lieutenant under Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, stands accused of torturing and killings the legendary communist folk singer at Estadio Chile on September 16, 1973. The civil trial began on June 13 and is taking place in Orlando, Florida, not Santiago, Chile. But the proceedings mark an important first step in bringing the Chilean army official to account for Jara's murder.
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Orange County's First Ever Anarchist Bookfair is Coming in May!

Orange County is widely known as a cesspool of conservatism. Its contributions to national politics are notorious: Birchers, anti-immigrant hysteria and, worst of all, Richard Nixon. So what better place to host an anarchist bookfair?
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Ralph Chaplin's "Solidarity Forever" Turns 100!

Ralph Chaplin’s battle-tested "Solidarity Forever" continues to withstand the test of time hitting an eternal note at 100. The radical labor anthem celebrates its centennial having been birthed in Chicago on January 17, 1915 during a "Hunger Demonstration."

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Three Chilean Ex-Army Officials Charged in the Murder of Iconic Singer Victor Jara

The decades-long call for justice in the murder case of legendary Chilean folk singer Víctor Jara took another dramatic turn last week. Judge Miguel Vásquez Plaza indicted three retired ex-army officials for their roles in the brutal September 16, 1973, killing. 


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Anaheim and the Future of Amιrica

"Anaheim is contrast. Anaheim is conflict. Anaheim is inequality. Anaheim is where the past is fighting with the future to determine the present of us all."

With that poetic summary, longtime activist and writer Roberto Lovato kicked off the inaugural episode of Américans, a web series produced by TeleSUR English. 

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From the Vault: My Radio Documentary on '73 Chilean Coup Re-Airs

In 2008, I co-hosted and produced a radio documentary on the September 11th, 1973 coup in Chile that toppled the democratically elected presidency of Salvador Allende. Marking the 35th anniversary, the From The Vault episode featured original content and archivial material from the Pacifica Radio Archives in North Hollywood.
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In the Name of Violeta Parra

Violeta Parra is rightly considered the godmother of La Nueva Canción Chilena. As I write in "Venceremos" she tragically committed suicide on February 5, 1967 in the quarters of her own peña. Despite the self-inflicted gunshot wound, her songs live on and the story of Violeta Parra graced the silver screen with Andres Wood's 2011 film, Violeta se fue a los cielos. I reviewed it last year. Here I bring you a humble attempt at poetry...
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Celebrating Inti-Illimani's 40th Anniversary in 2007

Inti-Illimani's last studio album aptly titled La Máquina del Tiempo timed its release in 2012 with the 45th anniversary of the iconic Chilean band. Taking a trip in my own time machine, I recall seeing them as they toured North America in celebration of their then-40th anniversary. The July 2007 concert was quite an experience. Here's a previously unpublished review:

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How the New Chilean Song Movement Remembered the Iquique Miners Massacre

The wanton violence of the Chilean State draws its historical roots well beyond the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. One tragic example is the Santa Maria de Iquique massacre on December 21, 1907. Following a visit to the northern Chilean city, Noam Chomsky described it in an interview as "the worst massacre in labor history."

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