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Random Chess Thoughts

Surely chess is a sad waste of brains. (Sir Walter Scott)

The game of chess is the touchstone of the intellect. (Goethe)

Chess makes men wiser and clear-sighted. (Vladimir Putin)

I failed to make the chess team because of my height. (Woody Allen)

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Theodor Herzl - Visionary or Antisemite

Herzl is everywhere in Israel. It would be difficult to find a town without a street named after him. He is memorialised in the names of boulevards, parks, squares, a city (Herzliya), a forest, a sprinkling of restaurants, a museum and even a national cemetery — Mount Herzl.
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The Guardian hack, lies and distortions

Though we resist oppression, still our dream is peace
Theirs is the mask of hatred, ours the human face

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Israel & The Labour Party - A Love Story

In my last blog I suggested that Israel’s staunch supporters are infected with a brain disease called Zionusitis. It was, of course, a joke. Or maybe it wasn’t. Since then, there has been another enactment of the absurdist farce called Antisemitism in the Labour Party.
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Beware! It is Catching & Can Rot Your Brains

Experts say that it is rarely fatal but can cause many unpleasant symptoms including brainrot, selective vision and moral turpitude. I am referring, of course, to zionusitis, a disease that has become increasingly fashionable in these grim times.
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Sing a Song of Politics

Give me the making of the songs of a nation and I care not who makes its laws.
 (Andrew Fletcher 18th century Scottish political writer.)
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Which Side Are You On?

Terror is the checkpoint on my way to school, the robbery of my land, the torture of my mother, the imprisonment of my innocent father.
 (Ahed Tamimi)
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Emily in La-La Land

On 28 November, Emily Thornberry, Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary, delivered a speech to Labour Friends of Israel Annual Lunch in the presence of the Chief Rabbi and Mark Regev, the Israeli Ambassador.
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10 Children and a Goat

This is a true story. Or maybe it isn’t. Who knows and anyway does it matter? Every story has its roots in an unreliable memory.
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In Between is an Israeli film written and directed by a Palestinian Israeli, Maysaloun Hamoud. She describes it as ‘an authentic picture of a kind of invisible life that we live here (i.e. in Israel) as a younger generation of Palestinians’.
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