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Whose Side Are You On? Response to Coco Fusco, ‘The State of Detention: Performance, Politics, and the Cuban Public’ (e-flux)

If anyone were to undertake a protest without official permission in or around Parliament Square – the putative heart of democracy in the UK – they should be aware that there was a high probability that they would be arrested. When Cuban artist, Tania Bruguera, announced, in December 2014, that she was intending to make a performance–protest in Havana’s best-known public square, despite having being denied official permission, her arrest was met with inevitable cries of censorship.

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Austerity and Culture: Letter from the United Kingdom

Before embarking upon a discussion of UK cultural policy in times of financial crisis, it is necessary to offer a brief comment on the economic basis of nation states under capitalism. The first point to acknowledge is that the main purpose of governments within a market economy is to shore up and invigorate private business, reinforcing state power in the process. The main way in which governments secure the means necessary to achieve this is through incurring debt, by issuing bonds which are largely bought by players within the financial industry, thus consolidating the interdependence of governments and capital.   
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