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Science fiction and right-wing anarchy

Revenge of the Nerds, Collapse of the State?
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Free Short Story, "A Sudden Absence of Bees"

A free short story for you, and a test-run for Sensation
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A SENSATION playlist

Two weeks ago I was asked by the nice litblog Largehearted Boy to compile a "playlist" of songs for my novel SENSATION. This list is more for the sort of thing you should listen to while reading the novel, not what I was listening to while writing it.
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All Power To the Imagination...Again.

Here's a game I like to play with my students in the writing classes I teach.

"Without contemplating it, without thinking hard, just say the word your tongue forms," I tell them.

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The Future Is Now. Actually, Three Months Ago.

Here's my first blog post here at PM Press about my forthcoming book Sensation. I'll try to pop in occasionally, but I usually blog over at
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