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Zapatistas vs. Shining Path

A review of The Communist Necessity by J. Moufawad-Paul.
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Middle-Class Workers?

A review of The Worker Elite: Notes on the "Labor Aristocracy".
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Craftsmen of World Revolution

This is Klaus Viehmann's preface to the upcoming PM Press/Kersplebedeb book Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark's Revolutionary Bank Robbers.
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Anarchism in Aotearoa/New Zealand

An interview with Sam Buchanan.
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Anarchism in Russia

An interview with Mikhail Tsovma.
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Anarchism in Africa

An interview with Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt.
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Panthers in Sweden II

An article about Pantrarna, a grassroots organization from Gothenburg, Sweden.
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Arnold's Nightmare: The Curious Success of the Communist Party in Graz, Austria

Schwarzenegger must be appalled by the Styrian capital and Austria’s second-biggest city, Graz, being the site of one of Europe’s most intriguing electoral phenomena of recent years: the local chapter of the Austrian Communist Party, KPÖ (Kommunistische Partei Österreichs), has emerged as the city’s second-strongest party, earning 20 percent of the popular vote.
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Panthers in Sweden

Meet Pantrarna, a social justice organization from Gothenburg, Sweden, modeled after the Black Panther Party.
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Muehsam Goes Punk

The legendary German punk band Slime releases its first album in eighteen years—with lyrics by Erich Mühsam...
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