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Kämpa Showan!

A newly released book tells the story of antifascist organizer and football supporter Showan Shattak, who nearly lost his life after being assaulted by neo-Nazis in 2014.
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The Global Perspective II

Press roundup and crowdfunding: news on Torkil Lauesen's "Det globale perspektiv".
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Entebbe Revisited

A new German book reexamines the infamous 1976 hijacking of an Air France plane to Entebbe, Uganda, and the alleged selection between Jewish and non-Jewish hostages.

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The Global Perspective

The former Blekingegade Group member Torkil Lauesen presents a new study on imperialism, global capitalism, and the Left’s possibilities of resistance.

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"We will intensify the guerrilla's activities"

Interview with Bese Hozat, co-chair of the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK).
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Freedom in the Mountains: Visiting the PKK in the Qandil Region

A report from the comrades at Lower Class Magazine who have traveled to the heartland of the Kurdish guerrilla movement.
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Revolution Is More Than a Word: 23 Theses on Anarchism

" seems as good a time as any to reflect on anarchism’s role in the overall political arena and to examine its strengths and weaknesses."
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Sober Living for the Revolution: The Song

In 2010, PM Press published the book Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics. Now the Australian hardcore punk band Rebirth has released a song by the same name.

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New Landauer Online Bibliography

A new "online participative bibliography" provides an excellent tool for investigating the work and legacy of Gustav Landauer.
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New Landauer Biography

Under the title "Die Politik eines ‘Antipolitikers’", the German Edition AV has published the most comprehensive biography of Gustav Landauer to date.

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