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Slaughterhouse Prayer interview

Slaughterhouse Prayer is a book that grabs you by the collar, slams you up against the wall and shoves you through various emotions. The atmosphere of it stays with you for days afterwards; intimidating, heart-rending, brilliant.” Steve Ignorant 
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Sneak Peak of Slaughterhouse Prayer

Little Michael Tanner is shocked to discover that the adults are killing animals and that he has been eating their bodies.
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"Talking about the way the masses are smeared... who owns history...and New Democracy" with John King

This insightful interview by Marianne Peyronnet of New Noise magazine puts my new novel The Liberal Politics Of Adolf Hitler into the context of the British vote to leave the European Union, and how it relates to the ongoing distortions surrounding the decision.
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A Sneak Peek of The Liberal Politics Of Adolf Hitler by John King

It is sometime in the future and the individual nations of Europe no longer exist. The EU’s mission has reached its final stage and the United State Of Europe has been formed. Power is fully centralised, and this corporate-driven, closet dictatorship promotes New Democracy, its true nature hidden behind fake smiles, easy debt and empty liberal rhetoric.
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A Very Corporate Coup

Supporters of the EU sneer “Little Englander” at those with a different opinion, but most of the arguments against membership are left-leaning and liberal.

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