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Fire in the Hole

Old news to some...
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The Zimmerman Verdict

The most meaningful challenge to the authority of the legal system...
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Watch the following short video.

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Letter from South Africa

My daughter, Memphis, and I have been here in Durban, South Africa for almost a year now...
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Wages for Slaves?

At first sight, not a bad idea...
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The college that employs me offers several courses for which students get credit for travel to other countries. Normally the courses are led by an instructor and take place over spring break. I proposed the following course. The committee rejected it without comment.

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A historical parallel

"Rights" in danger
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Fear Itself

Two reviews of a new book, plus a comment by me.
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Like a terrier

As many of those close to me know...
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A Missing Voice

I believe I go with the old man.
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