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Keep a sharp eye out!

Revolutionaries have never succeeded by “winning over” the masses through word or deed, but by taking advantage of, and in some cases precipitating, a division among the rulers such that the course they advocated came to be seen as the only realistic one.


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Festival of Darkness

Killing Mendelssohn and Heifetz on Hanukkah
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Sandal-wearers and Gun-toters

I recently picked up the summer 2010 issue of The Defenestrato
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Memoir of an Ex-Jew 11: The Last Installment

What about anti-Semitism?
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Memoir of an Ex-Jew 10

The Judaic religion and Talmudic Law contain many ugly elements.
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Memoir of an Ex-Jew 9

What is the relation between Zionism and Jewishness?
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Memoir of an Ex-Jew 8

Zionism and the Jewish Race
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Learner-Centered Teaching

The latest wisdom of the educational establishment.
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Memoir of an Ex-Jew 7

The Jewish People, One and Indivisible
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Revolutionary Greetings

November 7, the anniversary of the Bolshevik seizure of power.
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