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Their Disorder is Our Hope

Since the beginning of the “uprising” and NATO bombardment in Libya,  opinion in “progressive” circles has been of two schools. . .

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Richard Greeman, Letter from Morocco

I have just returned from an inspiring trip to Rabat and Marrakech...
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Nonnonviolent Nonnonlegitimate

If to the oppressor all forms of resistance are illegitimate, to those who side with the oppressed no form of resistance is illegitimate.
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The modern Lincoln

Ha’aretz (the soft-zionist Israeli newspaper) said, "Obama murdered bin Laden for a fistful of votes."
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Beyond current notions of the possible

On Jan. 26 of this year, Michael Neumann published an article in Counterpunch in which he denounced “Puritans” of the “academic left” for their hostile attitude toward the Palestinian Authority.
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Animal Resistance

On Feb 25, 2010 the Counterpunch website ran an article by Jason Hribal recounting how two orca whales, “Nootka” and “Tilikum,” had fought against their trainers, killing one of them, at Sea World in San Diego.
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What next?

After spending ten years and goodness-knows-how-many millions of dollars, the omniscient US “intelligence” forces claim to have succeeded in tracking down and killing a six-foot-four-inch bearded Arab who moved around with an oxygen tank. What a triumph. Next we will be told that 9/11 was a victory because seven “terrorists” died.

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Keep a sharp eye out!

Revolutionaries have never succeeded by “winning over” the masses through word or deed, but by taking advantage of, and in some cases precipitating, a division among the rulers such that the course they advocated came to be seen as the only realistic one.


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Festival of Darkness

Killing Mendelssohn and Heifetz on Hanukkah
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Sandal-wearers and Gun-toters

I recently picked up the summer 2010 issue of The Defenestrato
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