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Hidden for 100 Years: Kanno's Secret Message from Prison

Many dedicated and wonderful people are working hard on contributions for the PM Press documentary history of anarchism in Japan.  The following news (from a major corporate news outlet) comes as we prepare to mark the 100th anniversary of the High Treason Incident (which I discuss briefly in the translator's introduction to Lonely Hearts Killer).  Many thanks to Daigo Shima, a Ph.D. student in East Asian Studies at McGill University, for his speedy and expert translation.  Note that people's names in the article appear as they would in Japanese, with the surnames first.

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Brent Lue translates Tomoyuki Hoshino for the PM Press Blog!

Tomoyuki Hoshino writes about Israel's attacks on Gaza, Prime Minister Aso, differential power, marriage, the Academy Awards, bailouts, instinct, genetics, and more!
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Quitting America

Tomoyuki Hoshino writes about the U.S. presidential elections.
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Tomoyuki Hoshino on governments, nationalism, and happiness

Why do we have governments that only make us unhappy?
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Tomoyuki Hoshino on the death of Kenji Nagai

Kenji Nagai, a photojournalist, was killed during the protests in Burma last September.  Hoshino compares the responses to Nagai's death to the bashing of Japanese aid workers and journalists taken hostage in Iraq.
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Who is Tomoyuki Hoshino?

PM Press will soon be bringing folks who read English, but who don't read Japanese their first chance to read one of Tomoyuki Hoshino's novels. 
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Highlights from Tomoyuki Hoshino's Online Journal

In his online journal, Tomoyuki Hoshino addresses a wide range of political, social, literary, and cultural concerns and questions.  The following journal entries were translated by Brent Lue, who is currently working on a translation of Hoshino’s first novel, The Last Sigh (or The Last Gasp or The Last Breath) – Saigo no toiki.  Brent is an undergraduate student in East Asian Studies and Economics at McGill University.  He is an expert baker, is active in musical theater, and is 19 years old.
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Tomoyuki Hoshino on Nationalism and Baseball

If you click here, you can read the original Japanese essay by Hoshino that appeared in the Tokyo Newspaper on April 3, 2006.  The following is Jodie Beck's translation of that essay.  Jodie Beck is a Ph.D. student in East Asian Studies at McGill University.  Ms. Beck is specializing in contemporary Japanese fiction, and her research interests include globalization, neoliberalism, nationalism, and gender studies.

For readers (like me) who don't follow baseball, Ichirô Suzuki is a famous and popular player from Japan who currently is an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, a Major League baseball team in the United States. For readers unfamiliar with the Yasukuni Shrine controversy, please check out this essay for a brief introduction.

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