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What a Relief, the City of Cleveland Won't Be Using Nerve Gas on RNC Protesters

Wednesday, the Cleveland Police Department (CPD) allegedly unveiled its Republican convention security "plans" to the city's Safety Committee, but it left the public with a lot more questions than it answered.

In addition to the vague, awkwardly-worded "increased greater-than-normal protection in the neighborhoods" and 12-hour work days for police officers, Deputy Chief Ed Tomba told NBC affiliate WKYC that, "We're not purchasing nerve gas" and "We're not purchasing tanks."

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Court Offers Rare Opportunity for Public Comment on NYPD Spying

There’s little dispute today that we live in a National Security State. Unlawful police surveillance and infiltration of religious and political groups has become so common that it barely evokes outrage. Perhaps the most notorious perpetrators of unwarranted spying on Americans is the New York Police Department (NYPD), which continues to establish questionable counter-terrorism and counterintelligence units to spy on New Yorkers despite being repeatedly sued over it.
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Violations of Attorney-Client Privilege: Unconstitutional and Nothing New

Politically motivated surveillance is a prominent feature of today’s National Security State and is part of a playbook of tactics aggressively used by police against Muslims, dissidents, social change movements, and other targeted groups and individuals. Less known, but no less offensive or threatening is the government’s ongoing attacks against the sanctity of attorney-client privilege.

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Police infiltration—a tactic of political repression—is on the rise in the twenty-first century

Police infiltration of political dissidents—one indicator of society’s failure to adhere to basic democratic principles—is on the rise in the twenty-first century and shows no signs of letting up.

Infiltration of political movements like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street illustrates the extent to which law enforcement will go in their efforts not just to seek information, but also to aggressively disrupt political organizing.

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Rather than look to Tampa, Cleveland should throw away the repressive policing playbook for the RNC in 2016

Last week, a article asked if Tampa's approach to policing the RNC 2012 protests would "provide a blueprint for Cleveland as it prepares to host the next Republican National Convention a year from now?"

However, that may be the wrong question to ask.

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Dissidents cautiously applaud historic settlement agreement

Activists who take their message to the streets should be pleased with an historic settlement agreement reached last week between the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) and the federal government with national implications

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Mass Arrests to Mass Resistance: From the RNC 2000 to Today

Over the last year, people across the country have taken to the streets in numbers unseen for decades to demand an end to police killings of unarmed people of color.

Meanwhile, the corporate media has forced the public to turn to the spectacle of presidential elections and all of its inanity.
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