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The Employee Free Choice Act Debate

The labor movement is dedicating much of its energy to passing the law known as the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA).  EFCA has three provisions: 1) increased liability for illegal union-busting during certain critical organizing periods; 2) adding majority sign-up as another mechanism to certify a union alongside the election method; 3) implementing a binding arbitration option if a first contract cannot be agreed upon by a union and an employer.


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The Spark We Need: Chicago Sit Down Strike

The corporations got sloppy. From the hedge-fund parasites to the housing market fraudsters, the corporate criminals have shown their hand. Their filthy fingerprints are all over the economic pain blanketing the country and the world.

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Maimed by Cops, Charged With Felonies: Working Class Hero Alexandra Svoboda

A peaceful union march is brutally attacked by police. A union activist’s leg is horribly disfigured and nearly amputated. Maimed possibly for life, she is charged with multiple felony offenses.

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Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks: The IWW uses Section 7, with co-author Staughton Lynd

Many proposals to solve the labor movement's problems are on the table. There is the idea of operating completely outside the framework of any labor law, state or federal, as the Farmworkers did initially.

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