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Only the City Can Save the Forest

What will protect the environment is not going back to the land, but going farther away from it.
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Joshua Trevino's Commentary on Wisconsin is Bizarre and Stupid in Equal Measure

When I finished reading this article in The Guardian, I read it again, trying and failing to find some mitigation for its stupidity.
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America the Illiterate

Beasts of burden don't revolt, because they don't know any better.
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In America, Many of the Poor Screw Themselves

In an otherwise good blog post titled "Screwing the Poor," Kevin Drum gets something wrong, and it's major.
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Book Review: Light Was Everywhere by Richard Wehrman

Light Was Everywhere by Richard Wehrman (Goldenstone Press, paperback, $14.95) is a generous book.
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Good Riddance, Borders

Borders, the bookstore chain, has filed for bankruptcy. Aside from the fact that I hate to see people lose their jobs, I say a gleeful "Good riddance," and hope Barnes and Noble is next.
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On the Road

Tomorrow I'll be getting on the road to drive from Phoenix to New York City, so bloggage will probably be light the next few days. The Zen Center schedule will continue as usual while I'm gone. I'll be flying back, probably around the weekend.
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Love: A Dharma Talk for Valentine's Day

Here's the talk I gave at the Zen Center yesterday. The video is by award-winning film-maker Kyle Niemier.


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Thith Ith Gonna Be Cool...Huhuhuhuhuhuhuh...

A new season of Beavis and Butt-Head will be shown this summer after an absence of fourteen years. Those unfamiliar with the show—or only superficially familiar with it—might suspect I've been sniffing paint-thinner when I say that I think it ranks along with the best of Mark Twain and is superior to anything James Thurber wrote.
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Just See What Happens

I once heard a Zen teacher say, when asked about correct meditation posture, "What you do with the body is less important than what you do with the mind."
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