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Poor Rural White People: The Group It's Acceptable to Demean

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Eleven Blog Posts

Book reviews, a film review, Zen, car culture, Samuel Johnson, Planet of the Apes and a haiku
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The Wrong Thing Couldn't Be More Right

The Wrong Thing is printed and looks magnificent.
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Seven Blog Posts

A short film I wrote, plus Assange, Zizek, Zen and cops, Obama, dirty lit, Jan Brewer and medical pot, nuclear power.
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Five Blog Posts: Love, Freedom and Films

The myth of American freedom, the nature of love, and three film reviews.
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15 Blog Posts

The best of my June posts: Zen, films, books, poems, politics. 
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Five Blog Posts: Of Matters Literary

Gary Phillips, Paul Reekie, me
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Six Blog Posts: Sex, Murder, Scotland, Oprah, Dylan

The Killer Inside Me, how the state validated Donald Beatty by killing him, how right-wingers think everyone is bixexual, why Oprah Winfrey is dangerous, why Scots should rule Scotland, and Bob Dylan turns 70.
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Two Blog Posts: Chris Hedges Exists, and Money Doesn't

Is Chris Hedges becoming the left's Glenn Beck? There is no such thing as money.
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All About Books: Four Blog Posts

Reviews of Jean-Patrick Manchette and Karin Slaughter, commentary on class prejudice among book reviewers, and excerpts from three of my books.
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