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The Poisoned Pen Bookstore Welcomes Racism, but Not Dissent

I just heard that I'm banned from The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. I take the ban as a badge of honor. Here's why...
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Brad Thor and His Fans - Imperfect Nazis?

Last night I happened to wander into a book-signing at The Poisoned Pen by Glenn Beck's favorite novelist, the racist, Muslim-hating Brad Thor.

The place was packed. I haven’t seen so many white supremacists in one place since I witnessed a Ku Klux Klan rally in Tennessee.

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Against Pragmatism: King and Obama Are Polar Opposites

Obama would have shaken hands with the Klan
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Disguises I Have Worn: Why Subterfuge Is Necessary for Investigative Journalism

There are times when a journalist has to lie to find out the truth...
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Effective Self-Defense Includes Never Talking to Cops

Don't talk to cops, and don't let them inside your home.
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Abortion: Choose Your Ideology and Defend It

This picturepro-abortion propaganda, dumbed down to the level of an advertisement embodies the pathology of the U.S., where ideological fundamentalism trumps discourse.

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A First World View of Theft

Perhaps the stupidest and most classist artice I've ever seen in The New York Times...
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Why Pundits Cannot Discuss the Occupy Movement

How commentators don't even know what they're looking at
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Two Blog Posts: Death Wish and Columbus Day,

What a bad 70s film has to say about Occupy Wall Street, and the U.S.A. celebrates its favorite genocidal maniac.
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The "Message" of Occupy Wall Street Could Not Be Clearer

The most common criticism I hear of Occupy Wall Street is that the protestors have no clear, specific message. I find this bizarre. What could be clearer or more specific than occupying Wall Street?
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