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The Comparative Continuum

Would you, assuming you had the money, pay $1,000 to operate on your dog if you knew he would get two more years of quality life?
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The Naturalistic Fallacy

The second level of opposition to the inconvenient truth about the horrors of the meat industry is often the naturalistic notion; we evolved as hunter-gatherers. This common augment seeks to demonstrate that it is natural for us to kill other mammals because that is who we are.
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Plants Vs Animals

My upcoming book Mango & Mint Arabian: Indian and North African Inspired Vegan Cuisine, is almost as free from rhetoric as it is from tofu. It just doesn’t seem like a reasonable platform for a sermon or a tangle of clauses and opinion. Rather, having opted to buy the book, one would think its concept was also joined, temporarily or otherwise, and one had in ones hand a manual.
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