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Signal:04 Editor's Round Up

Signal is journal of international political graphics and culture and is edited by Josh MacPhee and myself (Alec Dunn). We produce Signal because we believe that art and culture have a strong role within movements and we hope to engage in and contribute to a dialog about art and culture in political struggles. We are both creators of political graphics ourselves. 

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Signal:03 Editor's Round Up

The third issue of Signal, a journal covering international political art, graphics (and published by PM Press), is back form the printer and out in the world. It iincludes articles on the Medu Arts Ensemble (South Africa), Paredon Records (USA), mastheads of the Spanish Revolution (Spain), surrealist/anti-capitalist carnival games (Belgium/Italy), images from the Quebec spring (Canada), and a feature on the partisan/antifascist memorials of Yugoslavia. I think this is our strongest issue so far!
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Signal 02: Editor's Round Up

After a tough two years (and many gentle reminders from the PM crew) Signal 02 is finally finished. Signal is ongoing project between Josh MacPhee and me, with the aim of documenting international art, graphics, and culture tied to social movements around the world.
Signal 01 had six features: Dutch comix anti-hero Red Rat; graffiti artist Impeach; a photo essay on Adventure Playgrounds; the designer Rufus Segar & Anarchy Magazine; the Taller Tupac Amaru; and posters from the propaganda brigades of Mexico in 1968. With issue 2, we wanted to expand the focus a little and try to cover some new areas and struggles. Here are some highlights:

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Signal 01 is out!

The first issue of Signal is out now! Signal is a full color, 140 page book about international political art, graphics, and culture.
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