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Assembling your thanks-Mom-and-Dad-I'm-off-to-college playlist

In a matter of days, you’re off to college. Congratulations. It’s a big transition — the biggest in your life so far, I’m willing to bet, and will remain so unless you reproduce or adopt. (Odds are you’ll delay marriage into your 30s, so even your wedding — if you go that route — is likely to pale in comparison in terms of overall disruptiveness.)
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Forty Years Later, Can Punk Still Provoke?

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In 1977, punk took hold on both sides of the Atlantic. For guttersnipes from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, the spring sortie from The Clash rang clear:

No Elvis, Beatles, or The Rolling Stones / In 1977”

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Such Great Heights: Icarus and American Democracy

If you love cycling, amateur sports, or democracy, check out Icarus (2017), a Netflix documentary with a cumulative score as high as Citizen Kane’s.

Here’s the hook: filmmaker and amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel rides the Haute Route, in the French Alps, in 2013. In Fogel’s estimation, the Haute Route includes the seven most torturous stages of the Tour de France in seven days, with 1000 miles and over 50,000 feet of climbing.
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David Bowie: Hunky Dory, Indeed

From ages thirteen to eighteen, I exchanged my every spare dollar for petroleum products: gas for the car, to get us to Tower Records and, of course, long-playing records. In the summer of 1987, I was eighteen years old and, with the August issue of Rolling Stone’s top 100 albums of the last twenty years, I had my buyer’s guide for the next five years.
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U2s The Miracle (of Joey Ramone): Homage or Requiem?

In this feature Randal Doane argues that U2′s latest single, The Miracle (of Joey Ramone), ostensibly an homage to punk, fails in one respect: “it’s too damn long.” He also has a few words to say about the bands getting into bed with Apple. Read on to find out what!
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