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On and On Do They Imprison the Strong

The dynamic power of so many prison memoirs, acounts, and anecdotes is paradoxically reliant on the monotony and stasis of the prison environment. The fertile conscience keeps mobile despite the body forced to be stuck and remote.
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Guilty of running like an Italian? Vilified Vanzetti!

With this week's publication of Bartolomeo Vanzetti's EVENTS AND VICTIMS, I wish to share more pcis and history regarding our courageous, imaginative, and murdered author. Here are photographs taken yesterday in afternoon in my hometown of Bridgewater, Massachusetts.
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Vanzetti: A Visual Historical Background for a New Literary Legacy

I am very excited about the imminent publication of Bartolomeo Vanzetti's short story EVENTS & VICTIMS by PM Press. I edited the work and am delighted to share Vanzetti's creative work with readers nearly a hundred years after it was written. 
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