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Critical Comments on The Politics of Cosmology

The Politics of Cosmology is a thousand-page manuscript by social ecologist and political theorist Murray Bookchin, based on his study of the history of philosophy and his lectures on that topic.
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Rumi and the Fall of the Spectacular Commodity Economy

Rumi’s “Muhammad and the Huge Eater” is a story that tells us how obsessive desires devastate the soul and rob us of things of true value.
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Power to the Community: The Black Panthers' Living Legacy of Grassroots Organization

This article is a re-examination of the legacy of the Black Panther Party and an argument for the crucial place of that legacy in our continuing struggle for a free, radically democratic, community-based, ecological society. It was previously posted on my Changing Suns Press blog, "It Is What It Isn't."

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Ecological Thinking and the Crisis of the Earth

If a visitor from another galaxy were sent to Earth to report on the latest news here, it seems rather obvious what the alien observer would take back to the home planet. Our extraterrestrial investigator would certainly report that our planet is going through one of the six periods of mass extinction and biodiversity loss in its entire four and half billion-year history, and that other major disruptions in the biosphere are interacting to cause a major crisis for life on Earth.
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A Critical Introduction to Bookchin's Theses on Libertarian Municipalism

This text was written as a preface for the new edition of “Pour un municipalisme libertaire,” the French translation of “Theses on Libertarian Municipalism,” published by the Atelier de Création Libertaire in Lyon. 

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Another Sun Is Possible: Solstice Reflections

The Solstice is about the power of nature, and focuses specifically on the power of the Sun, the major source of life on Earth, and on the relationship between this Great Source and all the changes and cycles of life on the planet. 

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Lessons from the School of Radical Change: Notes of a Slow Learner

In this expanded version of a presentation at a PM Press authors session at the Left Forum, I try to summarize some of the lessons I’ve learned about radical change over the past fifty years. 

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