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Enlistees Felt They Had No Other Options

During interviews that became the basis for About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War, I spoke with many young people who enlisted not to fight but because they felt they had virtually no other options.
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Courage to Resist Supports Prisoner Hunger Strike

Courage to Resist has issued a statement supporting the prisoners in California state prisons, in particular the supermax at Pelican Bay in Crescent City, who are engaged in a hunger strike to protest degrading and inhumane treatment. 
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Property Damage

As the producer of the Courage to Resist Audio Project from 2007-2009, I was the person who interviewed the GI resisters whose stories, originally posted on the CtR website, are the basis of the new Courage to Resist book About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War.  I finished each interview with enormous respect for the young soldier with whom I had just spoken.  These were brave, smart folks willing to look beyond and behind the official rationalizations for war; willing to take great risks when they determined that in all good conscience they could no longer participate in wars they came to regard as both illegal and immoral.




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