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July 2013

Kenneth Wishnia (The Glass Factory) @ Annual Jewish Spoken Word Evening, NYC

When: Friday, July 19 2013 @ 06:00 PM - - 08:00PM
Contact: Annual Jewish Spoken Word Evening @ The Cornelia Street Café
Where: 29 Cornelia Street
New York, NY
Description: Kenneth Wishnia, author of the Filomena Buscarsela series of crime fiction, will be appearing at Annual Jewish Spoken Word Evening in New York. The event is $8 and includes a "free" drink! Ken will talk about and read from this great series, which PM Press is currently bringing back in print in new and improved editions. The Glass Factory, just released, features Ex-NYPD cop Filomena Buscarsela. The irrepressible urban crime fighter of 23 Shades of Blackand Soft Money is back!

This time, the tough-talking, street-smart Latina heroine sets her sights on seemingly idyllic suburbia, where an endless sea of green lawns hides a toxic trail of money...and murder. But something is rotten on Long Island. When Filomena discovers that a high-tech Long Island factory is spewing poisons into the water supply, she's sure that the contaminator is none other than her nemesis, a cutthroat industrial polluter with an airtight financial empire. Armed only with an ax to grind, the gutsy Filomena knows she'll have to play dirty to clean up the neighborhood.

Her search for justice introduces her to the unfamiliar scent of privilege from the state-of-the-art chemistry lab of a local university to the crumbling ruins of a beachfront estate, from a glittering high-society party to an intimidating high-security chemical plant and immerses her in the all-too-familiar stench of political corruption and personal greed. Once again, Filomena's nose for trouble has drawn her into a case that's more than a little hazardous to her health. As the action heats up, she must juggle the dangers of the investigation with the demands of her adorable three-year-old daughter and the delights of a surprising new romance.

Praise for The Glass Factory

Wishnia writes with brio, energy, rage, passion, and humor. Brash, sassy, smart, and indomitable, Filomena is purely a force of nature, and The Glass Factory is another winner. --------Booklist

Riveting circumstances, a strongly focused plot, and ably described settings make this essential reading.----------Library Journal

Mother and daughter are so appealing, and the case against an unscrupulous businessman is put together so compellingly, the tale keeps one reading to its bittersweet end.--------Boston Globe

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