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April 2013

Maroon the Implacable Book Launch @ Oakland, CA

When: Sunday, April 28 2013 @ 10:30 AM - - 12:30PM
Contact: Niebyl Proctor Marxist Library
Where: 6501 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA

Join editor Quincy Saul and Russel Maroon Shoatz's daughter Theresa Shoatz for a book talk and signing on Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings of Russell Maroon Shoatz's National Book Tour.

A presentation on the life and work of US political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz, by his daughter, Theresa Shoatz and Quincy Saul, the co-editor of the forthcoming book: Maroon the Implacable. This event will explain the story of Maroon, once active as a leader in the Black Liberation Movement in Philadelphia, the conditions of his cruel confinement, and the campaign to free him. It will also explore the ways in which his case and this campaign relate to the prison industrial complex and building a movement to overcome mass incarceration.

It will also investigate his writings, compiled for the first time in Maroon the Implacable, which Chuck D calls "a high document of true freedom for the masses." and has received high praise from other prominent intellectuals around the world including Joel Kovel, Silvia Federici, and Hakim Bey, and other former political prisoners including Hugo Blanco. His work is innovative and revolutionary on multiple levels:

- His self-critical and fresh retelling of the Black liberation struggle in the U.S. includes many practical and theoretical insights;

- His analysis of the prison system, particularly in relation to capitalism, imperialism, and the drug war, takes us far beyond the recently popular analysis of the Prison Industrial Complex, contained in books such as The New Jim Crow;

- His historical research and writings on Maroon communities throughout the Americas,

His sharp and profound understanding of the current historical moment, with clear proposals for how to move forward embracing new political concepts and practices (including but not limited to eco- socialism, matriarchy and eco-feminism, food security, prefiguration and the Occupy Wall Street movement) provide cutting-edge challenges for today’s movements for social change. Linking history and future, we will connect the dots between Maroon's scholarship and the growing movement to free Maroon and all political prisoners.

For more information on Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings of Russell Maroon Shoatz click HERE .

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