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World War 3 Illustrated on Brodner's Bicycle

by Steve Brodner
Brodner’s Bicycle
June 19th, 2014

Great props to Peter Kuper, Seth Tobocman and the gang at WW 3 Illustrated for this beautiful volume (published today!) documenting and celebrating the glorious 35 year journey under the flag of this brave comic. All artists with hearts, souls, brains, who feel their most important client is their own conscience. I respect and admire every one of these firends and colleagues. Tonight you can catch them and grab a book at Blue Stockings  here in NY. In any case get this book. Honored to be along for the first 35. Signed on for the next!
Keep 'em flyin'!
Sabrina Jones
Kuper's Oaxaca journals are excerpted here.
Eric Drooker
Kuper again.
Mac McGill
Sue Coe

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