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Nicola Field

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Nicola Field is an original member of the groups Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners and Lesbians Against Pit Closures, whose true story was featured in the hit film ‘Pride’.  She has written extensively on LGBT and other issues and is currently working on a book to be published next year by PM Press on LGBT liberation, pinkwashing and the politics of class.

Her acclaimed 1995 book Over the Rainbow: Money Class and Homophobia was published by Pluto Press and although it’s currently out of print, is available via the online Marxist Archive, with extracts viewable on Facebook. An active socialist for 30 years, Nicola lives in London UK and works as a writer, artist and editor. For more about Nicola visit her website

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Putting solidarity back into Pride
The Socialist Review
By Nicola Field, Gethin Roberts
June 2015

"...The Tories, who were seen before the election by the bourgeois gay movement as heroes because they brought in gay marriage, have now shown their true colours. The cabinet is full of homophobes, such as the new equalities minister, Caroline Dinenage, who voted against equal marriage.

It exposes what they were doing as opportunistic, a kind of pink-washing, a way of appealing to liberals while carrying through a vicious assault on the working class through cuts.

Now they’re appeasing the right by kicking LGBT people in the teeth. It opens the door to us to reconnect the issues of class and sexuality. The cuts to welfare, especially housing benefit, will affect young LGBT people..."

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