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Martin Bull


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Martin Bull is a photographer, author and street walker, and wants to share his graffiti knowledge with you, rather than keep it a secret.
He’s been involved in publications on & off for many years, but ‘Banksy Locations & Tours’ was his first properly published work, which became a DIY favourite all over the world (although a so-called friend said that that was just vanity publishing anyway).
10% of his royalties are being donated to The Big Issue Foundation (UK registered charity no. 1049077) which does excellent work to assist homeless people, enabling them to gain control of their lives and achieve greater self-reliance and independence.

Over £25,000 has been donated so far, from various fundraising activities.
His website is dedicated to Les, a Big Issue seller he met in Bristol. Chatting to him reminded Martin to never judge a book by its cover, and to take time out to listen to people. He has to remind himself of this all the time though!

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This Is Not a Photo Opportunity: The Street Art of Banksy
Artist: Banksy • Photographs by Martin Bull
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 978-1-62963-036-6
Published: 11/01/2014
Format: Paperback
Size: 5x7
Page count: 176
Subjects: Art-Graffiti/Photography

This Is Not a Photo Opportunity is a street-level, full-color showcase of some of Banksy's most innovative pieces ever.

Banksy, Britain's now-legendary "guerilla" street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout the world. Once viewed as vandalism, Banksy’s work is now venerated, collected, and preserved.

Over the course of a decade, Martin Bull has documented dozens of the most important and impressive works by the legendary political artist, most of which are no longer in existence. This Is Not a Photo Opportunity boasts over 200 color photos of Banksy’s public work on the walls, as seen from the streets.


“We are concerned that Banksy's street art glorifies what is essentially vandalism.”
—Diane Shakespeare, Keep Britain Tidy

“It may be art, but it should not be permitted.”
—Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City

“One original thought is worth 1000 meaningless quotes.”

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Banksy Location and Tours: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs in London, England
Published: January 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60486-060-3
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 176
Dimensions: 5 by 7
Subjects: Graffiti, Photography, Guidebook


When it comes to art, London is best known for its galleries, not its graffiti. However, not if photographer Martin Bull has anything to say about it. While newspapers and magazines the world over send their critics to review the latest Damien Hirst show at the Tate Modern, Bull, in turn, is out taking photos of the latest street installations by guerilla art icon Banksy.

In three guided tours, Martin Bull documents sixty-five London sites where one can see some of the most important works by the legendary political artist. Boasting over 100 color photos, Banksy Locations and Tours also includes graffiti by many of Banksy's peers, including Eine, Faile, El Chivo, Arofish, Cept, Space Invader, Blek Le Rat, D*face, and Shepherd Fairey.

The U.S. edition has updated locations and 25 additional photos.


"BLT (Banksy Locations and Tours)is the new (unofficial) Banksy graffiti locations book,painstakingly compiled by Martin Bull.I think Martin must have been a train spotter in a previous life - there's postcodes and GPS references for every location along with comments about the history of the piece or the things that have happened (hippies and strippers) when his tours have arrived at a site. It's pretty much Banksy all the way but he does include some other artists such as Eine, Dface and Blek Le Rat. It's a great little book, kind of reminds me of the little Banksy books (but a lot thicker). Ideal for reading in the smallest room in the house.”

“’A Banksy Tour of London - Greatest graffiti show on earth: The photo above is one of many works documented by the Banksy expert and self-appointed archivist and gifted photographer, London-based Martin Bull. He charts the mysterious appearances – and sadly, sloppy destruction - of Banksy graffiti all over London, complete with maps and notes on the present condition of his works. Many have been overpainted by over-keen Council workers; some have been lifted by savvy art-collectors. Martin Bull’s unpretentious style and dedication to graffiti art comes across in everything he writes.”






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Banksy Locations and Tours Volume 2: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs from around the UK
Artist: Banksy
Photographer and Editor: Martin Bull
Publisher: PM Press
ISBN: 978-1-60486-330-7
Published: September 2011
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Size: 5 by 7
Page count: 180 Pages
Subjects: Art-Graffiti, Photography, Guidebook-UK

This unique and unashamedly DIY book follows the runaway success of Banksy Locations and Tours Vol.1 by rounding up the rest of Banksy’s UK graffiti from the last five years. It includes over 100 different locations and 200 color photographs of Banksy’s street art; information, random facts, and idle chit-chat on each location; a full walking tour of his remaining work in Bristol, England; and snippets of graffiti by several other artists.

Visit the locations in-person, or get your slippers on and settle back for an open-top bus ride though some of Banksy’s best public work.

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Latest Blog Entries


This Is Not a Photo Opportunity: The Street Art of Banksy
By Rhonda Sturtz
New York Journal of Books
December 2014

"If you are a Banksy fan or at least interested in seeing a collection of his work. This Is Not a Photo Opportunity: The Street Art of Banksy will be a fun read."...

For Banksy fans in the know this compact pictorial journey is distinctly delicious, a banquet of roaring images that span the early freehand technique of the 1990s to the more current stencils. These works scream clever, artistic, humorous, ironic, and socially relevant.
Given Banksy’s broad geographic canvas the opportunity to view the spectrum of his work is almost impossible. His works are not only far flung around the world, they also appear in unexpected places. There is no map for finding Banksy’s works. The adoring public can now turn to Martin Bull’s book, which provides an opportunity to view a portfolio of Banksy’s work. Bull’s categories include the following: early freehand, the ubiquitous Rat stencils, slogans revealing Banksy’s innate promotional sensibilities, modern life, play, societal commentary, and what are you looking at?

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Banksy Locations and Tours Volume 2: A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs from around the UK
By Dolf Hermannstädter
Trust Magazine

The first volume has been reviewed in Trust # 137 in the year 2009, what has been said there can be said here... "This is a great pocket sized (17Å~12,5 cm) book about the Bristol artist Banksy - if you have never heard about this great street artist you better go and check or go to the Bristol Museum." The second volume was great fun to read and look at. Bull is a real fan of Banksy and is almost always on top of things regarding Banksy, well, mostly his art. The book features 58 detailed (postcode and approximate map/GPS references) graffiti locations in London, Bristol and Brighton. You get to see tons of Banksys great, great art accompanied with background knowledge from Martin Bull. Find out about the "war" going on between Robo and Banksy (old school street writer vs stencil artist), what happened to Banksys art after he got so super popular that people started even to steal walls to have his art, or to sell it. One would think it is not interesting to "write" in a street art book, but Bull proofs it can be done with all his well researched amazing stories.
Still a great idea and it came again out great. 12% of the authors royalties will be donated to three charitable organizations.

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Interview with Martin Bull
1. How do you keep up-to-date with the new Banksy artwork going up around London?
Because of the internet (in particular) and digital cameras/camera phones it's now so much easier. New street work by Banksy (or possibly by him) gets photographed and spread around the world very quickly now. I keep in touch with several internet sources, especially the Banksy group on flickr, which I now hep to run. I also sometimes get told of new work by my friends, and have also been fortunate enough to be the first to 'discover' and spread the news about a few new ones myself, such as the 'Maid' and the 'Old St Cherub' (both in Hoxton, London).

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Banksy Locations and Tours Book Review
Book Legion

May 2010

This book takes you all around London to 65 sites and shows you an image of the original work and what the site looks like today, along with a written status of the artwork.  This small-sized book is a fantastic and handy guide for anyone wanting to do a tour of London and see the sites of Banksy's historic work, or just a fan that wants to flip through it for the sake of knowlege.  Either way, I cannot recommend this title enough!  

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