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Vikki Law Portfolio

Articles & writing
Zines edited and produced

Articles & Writing 

“ABC No Rio:  Twenty-Three Years of Art and Culture.” Clamor 24 (2004).

“Barriers to Basic Care.” Clamor 21 (2003).  

“Breaking the Silence: Incarcerated Women Speak Out.” Punk Planet 72 (2006).

"Bringing the Next Generation Into the Struggle: The Children's Social Forum." Left Turn (2007). 

“Chicana Lives and Criminal Justice: Voices from El Barrio.” Review of Chicana Lives and Criminal Justice, by Juanita Diaz-Cotto. make/shift 3 (2008).

“Enter the Nineties: Punks, Poets, Politics at ABC No Rio.” Maximum Rock n’ Roll 275-276 (2006).

“Erase the Borders.” HipMama 36 (2006).

“Everyday Actions.” make/shift 1 (2007). 

“Explaining Are Prisons Obsolete? to a 7-Year-Old.” make/shift 4 (2008). 

“I Was a Teenage Armed Robber.” Kiss Machine 6 (2003).

"Incarcerated Women Create Their Own Media." off our backs (2007).

“Invisible Rebellions: A Short (and Incomplete) History of Women’s Prison Revolts.” Kiss Machine 18 (2008).

“Mamapalooza NYC.” HipMama 34 (2005).

“Mamapalooza.” off our backs 35.7/8 (2005).

“Prisoner Unions.” In Encyclopedia of Prisons and Correctional Facilities, ed. Mary Bosworth. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications., 2004.

“Take Your Kid to the Allied Media Conferece.” HipMama 40 (2008).

“The Art in Zines.” In Zine Yearbook 9, edited by Joe Biel, Steven Stothard, Sparky Taylor, Dillon Vrana, and Brittney Willis. Bloomington, IN: Microcosm Publishing, 2009. 

“The First Encuentro of Indigenous Zapatista Women with Women from Around the World.” Hip Mama 39 (2008).

“The Invisibility of Women Prisoners’ Resistance.” Turning the Tide 16.3 (2003). 

“Two Ways of Seeing: A Mother and Daughter Take on Protest Photography.” Kiss Machine 12 (2006).

“Two Ways of Seeing (a mother-daughter photo essay).” In Mamaphonic, ed. Bee Lavender and Maia Rossini. New York: Soft Skull Press, 2004. 

“Unlikely Communities.” Clamor 29 (2004).

"Women in the Struggle: Reportback from the First Encuentro of Indigenous Zapatista Women with Women From Around the World." The Red Pill (2008).

“Workin’ for the Man.” Clamor 26 (2004). 


Exhibitions curated at ABC No Rio, NYC:

Homecoming, October 2008.
American-born artists explore issues of ancestry, migration and returning to their parents’ homeland.

The Ides of March, March 2008.
Building-wide exhibition showcasing projects by more than 30 artist collectives and collaborations.

The Art in Zines, October 2007.
An exhibition exploring the art and design in the 10,000+ zines housed in ABC No Rio's zine library.    

Remembering What Care Forgot, Fall 2006.
An exhibition in two parts, celebrating the culture of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina and the city's post-disaster revival.

Reflections from the Joint: Art and Correspondence by Prisoners, November 2003.
An exhibition of art by prisoners who request literature from Books Through Bars—NYC.

The Chiapas Show, April 2000 
Exhibition of photography and other documentary work about the life and struggles of the autonomous Zapatista communities. 

Art From Inside: Out, January 1998 
Exhibition of art by men and women incarcerated throughout the United States.

Squatting on the Lower East Side, May 1997 
Exhibition of photos documenting the squatted buildings in Manhattan's Lower East Side..

After the Crane, March 1997 
Exhibition about the lives of the residents of the Fifth Street Squat, which was razed by the City in February 1997.

Exhibitions participated in:

Postcards from the Edge. James Cohan Gallery, NYC (2007); Babylon Lexicon. NOCCA Riverfront

Riverview Gallery, New Orleans (2007).

Inauguracion. Casa Hilvana, Mexico City (2007).

Reapertura. La Quinonera, Mexico City (2007).

The Clothesline Show. Postcards from the Edge. Brent Sikeima Gallery, NYC (2006).

Babylon Lexicon. Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans (2006).

Traditions: Connections to the Diaspora. Tomorrows Artist and Dancers Gallery, NYC (2006).

New York Eviction Blues II. Manhattan Borough President’s office, NYC (2006), ABC No Rio, NYC (2006).

Remembering What Care Forgot. ABC No Rio, NYC (2006).

The Ides of March, ABC No Rio, NYC (2006).

Todos Somos Juarez. Galeria Puerta del Viento, Durango, Mexico (2005).

Art Slam. Asian American Arts Center, NYC (2005).

Creative Release. Sev Shoon Gallery, Seattle, WA. (2005).

Representing Ourselves. Visions in Feminism conference, MD (2005).

Eviction Blues. ABC No Rio, NYC (2005).

Cram Sessions. Baltimore Museum of Art, MD (2004).

Wall to Wall. Norfolk, VA (2004).

The Clothesline Show. ABC No Rio, NYC (2004).

The Ides of March. ABC No Rio, NYC (2004).

Lower East Side Photographers Photographing the Lower East Side. ABC No Rio, NYC (2004).

ELS-LES, LESX. NYC. (2003).

The Art of Revolution. Lawrence, KS (2003).

COPS. ABC No Rio, NYC (2003).

The Ides of March. ABC No Rio, NYC (2002).

The Racism Show. ABC No Rio, NYC (2001).

The Chiapas Show. ABC No Rio, NYC (2000).

The Ides of March. ABC No Rio, NYC (2000).

Light Leaks. ABC No Rio, NYC (1998).

The Art of Exile. ABC No Rio, NYC (1998).

The Ides of March. ABC No Rio, NYC (1998).

Squatting on the Lower East Side. ABC No Rio, NYC (1997).

After the Crane. ABC No Rio, NYC (1997)


“Abolishing the Prison-Industrial Complex” SUNY Social Justice Conferenece, Binghamton, New York. 8 November 2008.

“Women, Incarceration and Resistance” SUNY Social Justice Conferenece, Binghamton, New York. 8 November 2008.

“Media Access for Prisoners” Critical Resistance 10, Oakland, California. 27 September 2008.

“‘AIN'T GONNA LET NOBODY TURN US AROUND’: the development of a national movement of women prisoners, women released from prison, and their allies” Critical Resistance 10, Oakland, California. 27 September 2008.

“Spotlight on Incarcerated Women: Conditions, Profiteering and Resistance” Bluestockings Bookstore, New York. 17 September 2008.

“Women in Prison” Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, New York. 16 September 2008.

“Media Access for Prisoners” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. June 2008.

“Revolutionary Parenting” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, Michigan. 21 June 2008.

“Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind” Ladyfest, Baltimore, Maryland. 13 April 2008.
Presentation on supporting parents and children in anarchist movements and discussion on concrete ways that childless activists can do so.

“Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind” First annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair. 14 April 2007.

“Xerrada Presxs als EEUU” (Prisoners in the United States) Ruina Amalia, Barcelona, Spain. 10 January 2007.
Presentation about the issues and resistance among women in prison in the United States.

“Leave No One Behind: Community Parenting.” Second annual Providence Anarchist Bookfair, Providence, RI. 15 July 2006.
Presentation about the necessity of supporting parents and children in radical movements.

“The Future Generation: Anarchist Parenting and Community.” Seventh annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, Montreal, Canada. 20 May 2006.
Discussion around the question: Why is it necessary to support parents and children in the anarchist movement? Discussion about concrete ways those in the movement can support families in their midst.

“Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Supporting Mothers and Children.” La Rivolta! Boston, MA. 4 March 2006.
Presentation on how supporting mothers and children fits into an anarchist-feminist theoretical framework and discussion on concrete ways childless activists can do so.

“Women and Power.” Visions in Feminism, College Park, MD. 7 May 2005.
Panel discussion about the ideas of power and the images of women, mothers and activism.

“Beyond Online Activism.” Mamagathering, Minneapolis, MN. 18 July 2004.
Discussion about organizing parents to go act politically beyond cyberspace.

“Mothers in Prison.”  Mamagathering, Minneapolis, MN.  18 July 2004.
Workshop about the issues facing incarcerated mothers and how feminist and radical communities can support them.

“The Art of the Conscious Mother.” Barnard College, New York, NY.  8 November 2003.
Roundtable discussion about motherhood, work and art.

“Building a Radical Parenting Support Network.” John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.  11 October 2003.
Discussion about the needs of parents and their experiences in activist communities.

“Invisibility of Women Prisoners’ Resistance.” University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.  10 August 2003.
Workshop and discussion about the silence of incarcerated women, their issues and their resistance.

“Issues for Women Prisoners.” American University, Washington, DC.  26 January 2003.
Workshop and discussion about the issues facing incarcerated women.

“Economics Inside and Out.”  SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton, New York.  16 March 2002.
Panel discussion on the history of penal labor in the United States and past and present prisoner organizing around the issue.

“Museum Education Programs: Quantity or Quality?” National Graduate Seminar, American Photography Institute. New York. 10 June 2000.
Panel discussion about the priority of foundations, their expectations and     the reality of art programs for youth in New York City.

“Sounding Off: Art and Activism in the 1990s.”  New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, New York. 10 September 1998.
Panel discussion about the role of the arts in activism and political organizing.

Zines Edited and Produced

Tenacious: Art and Writings by Women in Prison (Spring 2003 to present)

Nefarious Doings in Revisionist Tourist Attractions: A Mother-Daughter Photo Zine (2007)

Enter the Nineties: Punks and Poets at ABC No Rio (2005)

Tell Me About the First Time You Came to ABC No Rio (2005)

Family Values: A Family Approach to the Republican National Convention (2004)

8 Days in August: A Mother and Toddler Take on the RNC (2004)

Mama Sez No War (2003)

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