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Kim Stanley Robinson Reads Lucky Strike

Kim Stanley Robinson Reads at SF in SF on October 17, 2009 : "The Lucky Strike"
Agony Column Podcast

Once again, the pleasures of discovery; and not just those of the writer. Here we are at SF in SF on November 17, and not without some trepidation, about to be subjected to a literary experiment. SF in SF has, for all my experience, been a fiction-only operation. Not that this has seemed a dictate; it's just the way it's happened. Eric Simons changed all that, and in the best possible way. He was just remarkably entertaining. I'm guessing he sold a few books.

And with this reading from his novella, you get the best of both worlds. Robinson abridged his story while reading at SF in SF, off-the-cuff, so to speak, reading selections here and there that boil down the story and give a perfect verbal version of the much longer written version. What’s so nice is that when you listen to the reading, you can get the emotional and intellectual shock of Robinson's story. You'll feel the literal blast that he describes as he reads.

But because Robinson has read a self-abridged version of his longer story, you can still go out, but the book and read the story to get the fully fleshed-out as well as the live reading audio experience. This is a very clever move on his part, and not just because he sells you a book. No, it's much better than that. As a listener and a reader, you'll get to experience the same set events from two equally powerful perspectives; the reading experience will enhance the audio and vice versa, but in a different manner. It's a fascinating experiment for the writer and the reader. You can begin your experiment by following this link to the MP3 audio of the story.

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