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Jeremy Adam Smith writes about parenting, science and technology, popular culture, urban life, and politics—sometimes all of them at once.

He is author of The Daddy Shift (Beacon Press, 2009), which the San Francisco Chronicle calls "amazing," author Michael Kimmel calls "impassioned [and] insightful," and the New York Times praises as "a chronicle of a time . . . we will look back upon as the start of permanent change." He is also the co-editor of two science anthologies: The Compassionate Instinct (W.W. Norton & Co., 2010) and Are We Born Racist? (Beacon Press, 2010).

Currently, Jeremy is a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. He the founding editor of the award-winning; former senior editor of Greater Good magazine, which was nominated for multiple Maggie and Independent Press awards during his tenure; and founder of Daddy Dialectic, one of the most authoritative dad blogs on the web.

Jeremy's essays, short stories, and articles have appeared in Mothering, The Nation, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Utne Reader, Wired, and numerous other periodicals and books.

He lives in San Francisco with his wife and son.

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Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood
Authors: Tomas Moniz and Jeremy Smith
Publisher: PM Press/Microcosm Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60486-481-6
Published April 2011

Format: Paperback

Size: 8 by 5

Page count: 200 Pages

Subjects: Family-Parenting

Rad Dad: Dispatches from the Frontiers of Fatherhood combines the best pieces from the award-winning zine Rad Dad and from the blog Daddy Dialectic, two kindred publications that have tried to explore parenting as political territory. Both of these projects have pushed the conversation around fathering beyond the safe, apolitical focus most books and websites stick to; they have not been complacent but have worked hard to create a diverse, multi-faceted space in which to grapple with the complexity of fathering.

Today more than ever, fatherhood demands constant improvisation, risk, and struggle. With grace and honesty and strength, Rad Dad’s writers tackle all the issues that other parenting guides are afraid to touch: the brutalities and beauties and politics of the birth experience, the challenges of parenting on an equal basis with mothers, the tests faced by transgendered and gay fathers, the emotions of sperm donation, and parental confrontations with war, violence, racism, and incarceration. Rad Dad is for every father out in the real world trying to parent in ways that are loving, meaningful, authentic, and ultimately revolutionary.

Contributors Include:
Mark Ali, Steve Almond, Jack Amoureux , Michael Blanford, Jeff Chang, Jeff Conant, Cory Doctorow, Sky Cosby, Clayton Dewey, Jason Denzin, Martín Estévez, Craig M Elliott II, Chip Gagnon, Keith Hennessy, David L. Hoyt, Jacob Jones-Martinez , Paul Kivel, Simon Knaphus, Ian Mackaye, Matt Meyer, Raj Patel, Ramor Ryan, Adam Seehaver, Burke Stansbury, Anwar Young, Sasha Vodnik, Shawn Taylor, and Jeff West.


“Rad Dad gives voice to egalitarian parenting and caregiving by men in a truly radical fashion, with its contributors challenging traditional norms of what it means to be a father and subverting paradigms, while making you laugh in the process. With its thoughtful and engaging stories on topics like birth, stepfathering, gender, politics, pop culture, and the challenges of kids growing older, this collection of essays and interviews is a compelling addition to books on fatherhood.” —Jennifer Silverman, co-editor, My Baby Rides the Short Bus: The Unabashedly Human Experience of Raising Kids with Disabilities

“With a diverse, smart, and political collection of contributors, Rad Dad will be an instant classic among the new generation of parents whose parenting intersects with their politics. There's no way you can put this book down without feeling both inspired and entertained by the bold honesty and fierce love heard in these voices.” —Jessica Mills, author of My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

“Rad Dad is one of the most important voices on the planet—at once parental, political, feminist, humble, and full of heart. In Rad Dad, none of our assumptions about parenting, gender, or the way things ‘have to be’ in the world go unexplored.” —Ariel Gore, author of Bluebird: On Women and Happiness and The Hip Mama Survival Guide

“I say we put the editors of Rad Dad in charge of the patriarchy!” —Ayun Halliday, author of The Big Rumpus: A Mother's Tale from the Trenches

"Rad Dad is a book about all the shapes and sizes that dads come in, united by the simple narrative thread of man and his children. Read the book and love your kids.  It's that simple." —Tom Matlack, co-founder of The Good Men Project

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What others are saying...

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rad dadRad Dad: A Review
by Andrew W. Griffin
Red Dirt Report
January 2013

For instance, editor Moniz, a self-described "feminist father, a rad dad, a militant antiracist," says that while you may "lose the battle" in raising your children to be loving and accepting of all people, you end up "winning the war" by living out your values in their presence and not changing who you are. After all, Moniz notes that kids spend only a fraction of time under the influence of their parents, compared to the influence they experience from media and society.

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rad dadRad Dad: A Review
By Steve Hart
RazorCake Magazine
January 23rd, 2012

The coolest aspect of reading Rad Dad is knowing that I’m not the only one who wants to raise children in a safe environment and continue to retain our “radness.” Rad Dad is a collection of accounts from a variety of fathers from all spectrums of life. Every chapter is a good read, even if I couldn’t relate exactly to every situation. Most importantly, Rad Dad is written by a group of fathers who also don’t want to be assholes.

rad dadRad Dad: A Review
By Tom Ricker
Left Turn Magazine
November 4th, 2011

So, I would encourage anyone to read this, dad or not. But for the dads there is real value here, a richness of explorations about the challenges of fatherhood that is unique in my experience. Jeremy Adam Smith writes in one of his essays, ending a passage about how his commitment to feminist ideals was challenged by becoming a parent:

There are alternatives; you don’t have to be the man your father was; you don’t have to be the idiots we see on TV; you can be a new kind of man, and you can help your sons become that kind of man.

rad dadRad Dad: A Review
by Kathy Ward
Juneau Empire
December 15th, 2011

A "best of" collection of essays from the 'zine Rad Dad and the blog Daddy Dialectic in which Moniz and Smith write about how being fathers has changed their lives in the whole - the politics of being a dad, whether it's being the only guy on the playground, marveling at the effortless way kids pick up on benefits and detriments of various skin tones, trying to avoid the pink and blue divide, or working on the balancing of "dad" and "mom" responsibilities and options. There are plenty of books out there from women examining their experiences being a parent - here's one by the men. Thoughtful, passionate, and intelligent, these essays will make readers consider their own thoughts about parenthood and what it means in our society today.

rad dadRad Dad: A Review
by Rachel Fudge
Bitch Magazine
December 2011

Rad Dad’s contributors are a politically engaged, profeminist, anticonsumerist bunch, but the truth is, even if they weren’t, this would still be a pretty radical book. Even in 2011, nearly 20 years after the debut of the like-minded Hip Mama zine, for men to talk seriously and introspectively about parenting is a pretty revolutionary act.

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