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An Interview with Gary Phillips on

By Keith Rawson

Gary Phillips is like your favorite uncle. He’s the guy with the quick joke, the great story about your mom crushing over some boy in high school, the guy pulling quarters from behind the ears of star struck toddlers wandering around family gatherings. The difference between your favorite uncle and Phillips, though, is all your uncle’s good at is barbequing, drinking beer, and being witty while he’s drunk. Where as Phillips writes some of the most earnest and engaging crime noir currently being written (and he’s probably pretty witty when he’s drunk, too).

I recently sat down with Phillips at the Poisoned Pen conference in Scottsdale, Arizona to discuss his most recent writing projects including the newest entry in Akaskic publishing’s in their long running Noir series, Orange County Noir, which he edited, his newest novel, the Underbelly, his ongoing comic book projects, and his involvement with PM press and their Switchblade imprint.

Gary Phillips interviewed by Keith Rawson from Damon Cap on Vimeo.

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